The following individuals and organizations have made annual gifts of $250–$499 for the fiscal year of July 2011–June 2012. Updated 8-30-12

  • Individuals

    Mrs. Jean S. Abell
    Mrs. Judith A. Alender
    Mr. William D. Ashley
    Mrs. Sharon L. Austin
    Mr. Jose I. Baeza
    Dr. Sheila Bailey
    Mrs. Robbi J. Barber
    Mr. Christopher J. Bartlett
    Mr. and Mrs. John Bartlett
    Mr. and Mrs. Max F. Beasley
    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Bickel
    Ms. Kathy L. Bingham
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Birdwhistell
    Dr. and Mrs. John R. Blackburn
    Mr. and Mrs. David G. Bodine
    Mrs. Susan L. Bogart
    Rev. and Mrs. Harold Bratcher
    Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Briggs
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Brown
    Ms. Jennifer Nicole Brown
    Dr. Barbara J. Burch
    Mrs. Melissa E. Burton
    Mr. and Mrs. Ron Byrd
    Stephen L. Carrithers, Ph.D.
    Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Carter
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Christ
    Dr. Gerald E. Clay
    Mr. and Mrs. David J. Collins
    Miss Dora D. Collins
    Mr. and Mrs. David Conner
    Mrs. Sheila G. Cook and Dr. Gary R. Cook
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Corman
    Dr. R. Lee Cox
    Miss Evelyn Crooke
    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Cumpston
    Mrs. Ann S. Dalzell
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Daugherty
    Dr. and Mrs. William R. DeFoor
    Mr. Carlos J. Del Valle
    Ms. Gail A. Des Lauriers
    Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Ellington
    Mrs. Barbara B. Ellis
    Ms. Ellen Louise Emerick
    Mr. Brian O. Evans
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Faith
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Farley
    Mrs. Doris K. Feil
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Feindel
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Fiechter
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Foley
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gamble
    James W. Gardner and Michelle Gardner
    Mr. and Mrs. David Garner
    Mrs. Jana Gore
    Mrs. Sarah E. Gorman
    Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Griffith
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Grote, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Guite
    Dr. and Mrs. Horace P. Hambrick, M.D.
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Hammons
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Harp
    Ms. Haley B. Hart
    Mr. and Mrs. Chester B. Hawkins
    Mrs. Marjorie B. Heeger
    Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Higdon
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Holmes
    Mrs. Nancy P. Howard
    Mrs. Betty K. Howard
    Mr. and Mrs. F. Clark Huffman
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Humphrey
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Ison
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Janes
    Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Jefferson
    Mr. Gregory K. Jenkins
    Mrs. Michelle L. Johnson
    Mr. Bobby Jones
    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Kerrick
    Dr. Carole A. Kimmel
    Mr. and Mrs. Garvel R. Kindrick, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. David L. King
    Mr. H. K. Kingkade II
    Mr. Nicholas A. Kociolek
    Dr. Rick Kopp
    Ms. Emily M. Krick
    Mr. and Mrs. James Krick
    Judge Joseph E. Lambert
    Mr. and Mrs. Bryan K. Langlands
    Mr. Keith Lee
    Drs. Theo and Christine Leverenz
    Dr. and Mrs. Joe O. Lewis
    Mrs. Judy B. Long
    Ms. Keira L. Lopez
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lovekamp
    Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Luckett
    Ms. Judith H. Luddy
    Col. Joe E. Lunceford & Rev. Stacey Cruse
    Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lytle
    Dr. John P. Marcum, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marlow
    Ms. Rebekah J. Martin
    Ms. Mickey Joyce Martin
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. May
    Mr. Richard D. McAtee
    Mr. and Mrs. William G. McCaslin
    Mr. and Mrs. George McGee
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Means
    Mr. Kim Menke
    Mr. and Mrs. David R. Mullins
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nall
    Mr. Jordan A. Nekola
    Dr. Nancy J. Newman
    Mr. and Mrs. Robin C. Oldham
    Mr. and Mrs. John B. Otis
    Ms. Nancy N. Phares
    Mr. and Mrs. James Phelps
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pitts
    Mrs. Sallie Potter
    Mrs. Cammila J. Priode
    Mr. Taylor Rains
    James B. Redmon, MD
    Mrs. Amy C. Reid
    Dr. and Mrs. John Reid
    Mrs. Martha Bain Rice
    Dr. and Mrs. William K. Rich
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rosen
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Schmitz
    Mr. Larry C. Schumacher
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Seither
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Sewell
    Rev. and Mrs. Louis W. Shepherd
    Rev. and Mrs. Harold A. Shoulders
    Dr. James F. Simpson
    Mr. Brad Smock
    Mr. Raymond D. Sowder
    Mrs. Joann L. Spicer
    Mrs. Marie Lewis Spragens
    Dr. John Stempel
    Ms. Jeannie E. Stevens
    Mrs. Xristina Stirling-Rubins
    Patricia S. Swiney, MD
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thomas
    Mr. C. M. Thomas
    Dr. and Mrs. Taylor Thompson
    Mrs. Karen M. Tierney
    Mrs. Cheryl S. Toth and Dr. William Newbolt
    Mrs. Helen E. Tregenza
    Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Turner
    Mr. and Mrs. Conley Tyra
    Mr. Scotty J. Vanderpool
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Waddle
    Mr. Richard L. Walter
    Mrs. Deborah S. Ward-Haslouer
    Mrs. Elaine C. Whiteaker
    Mr. Ronald D. Wiggins
    Mrs. Sally W. Willett
    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Yandell
  • Corporations & Estates

    Central Baptist Church
    Farm Bureau Insurance
    Tri-State Pools, Inc.
    First Baptist Church
    Buechel Park Baptist Church
    Central Bank
    Mt. Healthy Dairy Bar
    David E. Smith, DMD, PSC, INC.
    Bio-Aquatic Testing, Inc.
    Woman’s Association of Georgetown College
    Trophy Pizza 1 LLC
    Wells Fargo
    Meister International