The following individuals and organizations have made gifts of $100,000 or more in their lifetime, have paid over $50,000 toward a pledge of that amount, or are in the 6th year of a ten year pledge of that amount. Updated 8-30-12

  • Individuals

    Dr. and Mrs. James W. Anderson
    Mr. John M. Ballbach
    Mr. and Mrs. James L. Barlow
    Mr. J. William Barnett
    Mrs. Ann Bolton Bevins
    Mrs. Nancy S. Blazer
    Mr. and Mrs. Al Blevins
    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Boyle, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Marion D. Bradford
    Mr. Norman L. Brown
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Carlton
    Mrs. Frances K. Cisney
    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Cochenour
    Mr. James M. Collier
    Dr. and Mrs. William H. Crouch, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman T. Daniels, Jr.
    Mrs. Joan Cralle Day
    Mr. Wade Doshier
    Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Ensor
    Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Ensor, Jr.
    Dr. John M. Farmer, M.D.
    Mr. and Mrs. Randy D. Fields
    Mrs. Evelyn Flowers
    Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Fox
    Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Goode
    Mr. Dewey Gorman
    Mr. and Mrs. Rollie D. Graves
    Mr. Michael T. Haas
    Dr. and Mrs. Horace T. Hambrick
    Mr. Carl A. Henlein
    Mr. Robert L. Hook
    Mr. Frank H. Ikerd III
    Allan E. Inglis, MD
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth James
    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jones, Sr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Roy Keith, Sr.
    Mr. Thomas C. Lackey
    Mr. Ben D. Mallin, Jr.
    Mrs. Missy Childers Matthews
    Dr. and Mrs. Duke K. McCall
    Dr. and Mrs. Wally O. Montgomery
    Mr. and Mrs. Milton O. Neal
    Dr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Nighbert
    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Palmer
    Dr. Paul J. Parks
    Mrs. Jean Pomeroy
    Mrs. Marjorie W. Roach
    Mr. James A. Roberts
    Mr. Michael J. Scanlon
    Mr. Scott A. Schrader
    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Short
    Libby F. Stevens and Carroll D. Stevens
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Terrell
    Mr. D. Bradley Tilford
    Mr. and Mrs. David Travis
    Mr. and Mrs. Billie W. Wade
    Mr. Jeffrey M. Ward
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ward
    Mr. John A. Williams
    Mr. Robert N. Wilson
    Ms. Anne Wright Wilson
    Mr. and Donald C. Yost
  • Corporations & Estates

    Toyota Motor Corporation
    Hamilton-Hinkle Paving
    Pheasant Hill Foundation
    Toyota Motor Mfg. KY, Inc.*
    National Christian Charitable Foundation, Inc.
    William Stamps Farish Fund
    Georgetown Community Hospital
    Estate of Ann K. Smiser
    National Christian Foundation
    Harshaw Trane
    Estate of Ada T. MacClatchie
    Kentucky Baptist Convention
    Shelbyville Baptist Church
    Scott Education and Community Foundation
    Estate of Grover C. Shropshire
    United Bank
    Estate of Doshie B. Brown
    Estate of Myrtle Mae Mitchell
    Friendship-West Baptist Church
    Estate of Daisy Wetzel Lloyd
    Thomas and King, Inc.
    Toyota Motor Mfg., NA, Inc.
    Fifth Third Bank
    Lilly Endowment Inc.
    Virginia Baptist Foundation Inc.
    Kresge Foundation
    Community Foundation of Louisville Depository
    Branch Banking & Trust Company
    Charles E. Schell Foundation
    Estate of Marjorie Bauer Stafford
    Estate of Joe Stone
    Estate of Isabel Sewell
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute
    Estate of Ruth B. McDonell
    Estate of Wanda P. Higbee
    Estate of W. Vinson Pierce
    James Graham Brown Foundation
    Partners and Associates Inc.
    UPS Foundation*
    Teagle Foundation, Inc.
    Brookhollow Baptist Church
    Eastern Star Church
    Verizon Communications*
    Cralle Foundation
    Estate of Virginia Richardson
    Geoffrey C. Hughes Foundation
    William Randolph Hearst Fdns.
    Johnson & Johnson*
    Estate of Kenneth R. & Orilla H. Greenwood
    Estate of Jonette Reville
    Margaret Voorhies Haggin Trust
    Sallie Mae Fund*
    Estate of Don Cawthorne
    Estate of Woodson L. English
    Estate of Charles E. Work
    Estate of Mildred N. Work
    Estate of Ann P. Couey
    Estate of Hazel M. Barnett
    Estate of Samuel D. Weakley, Jr.
    Estate of Raymond Wesley Jones
    Estate of Lee E. Cralle,, Jr.
    Estate of Jackson B Morris
    Cincinnati Bengals, Inc.
    The Gheens Foundation, Inc.
    Estate of Hildreth D. Daniel
    Columbia Gas Of Ky, Inc.*
    Humana Foundation, Inc.
    Estate of Etta L. Kitchens
    Kentucky Christian Foundation
    Estate of Mary P. Byrum
    V. V. Cooke Foundation
    Ashland Inc. Foundation*
    Estate of D.O. & Edith Stapp
    Clifford Shumate Family Foundation*
    Estate of Hansford T. Shacklette
    Kentucky Baptist Foundation
    Whitaker Bank
    E. O.Robinson Mountain Fund
    Diederich Trust Fund
    Mills Foundation, Ralph E.
    Procter and Gamble Fund*
    Estate of Ata Lee
    Community Health Systems Foundation
    Citizens National Bank & Trust
    Frances R. Jeffress Trust Fund
    Estate of Mary S. White
    Estate of Beatrice Mountjoy