Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Wally and Mrs. Gerry Montgomery, our cafeteria has recently undergone renovations and received a new name.  The new ‘Montgomery Caf’ is a representation not only of the generous spirit of GC alumni, but of the stories, the bonds, and the memories made here at Georgetown College.

A dedication ceremony was held for the newly named Montgomery Caf on Tuesday, September 6th 2011.  The Montgomerys were honored by President Bill Crouch, faculty and staff, alumni, and current students for their gift to the College. When Wally spoke at the dedication he told the crowd, “You become aware that you need to give back for things God allowed you to have.” Gerry added, “the Caf project came up and that was something that appealed to us.”

The appeal stems from how Dr. and Mrs. Montgomery met—here at Georgetown College. Wally Montgomery, Class of ’58, spotted Gerry Biggs ’59 his senior year in what was then the grill and asked her out. The rest, as they say, is history.

For more on this story see Jim Durham’s article, Montgomery Caf has Meaning for All.