Our thanks to all of you for participating in our writing contest, and we’re sorry for any disappointment you might feel at not having your work selected for publication—some of us here are writers, too, so we know not getting in an issue isn’t a pleasant experience. We received 897 submissions to this year’s contest, and following are the winner and runners-up, all of whom will receive publication.

Cable Bill? Nah.



  • Megan Baxter, “The Deer Hunter” poem
  • Destiny Birdsong, “Switch” poem
  • Deborah Brown, “The Stalled Bus” poem
  • Eric Bourland, “The dancing police” poem
  • Lynne Martin Bowman, “Because the Body Remembers” poem
  • Karen J. Coates, “An Eternal Harvest” essay
  • Emari DiGiorgio, “The Day My Grandmother Died” poem
  • Lisa Dordal, “So Long in Coming” poem
  • Stephanie Gehring, “December” poem
  • Honoree Fannone Jeffers, “Spring Place Plantation (Georgia, 1811)” poem
  • Ember Johnson, “Vigil” story
  • Tamara Linse, “Wanting” story
  • Ravi Shankar, “Descent with Modification” poem
  • Denice Turner, “Principles of Internal Medicine” prose
  • Philip Weitl, “Archeology” essay
  • Lori Wilson, “A Swallowtail Lies on Its Side, Wings Folded–” poem