2009 coverOur thanks to all of you for participating in our writing contest, and we’re sorry for any disappointment you might feel at not having your work selected for publication—some of us here are writers, too, so we know not getting in an issue isn’t a pleasant experience. We received 857 submissions to this year’s contest, and following are the winner and runners-up, all of whom will receive publication.



  • Jacob M. Appel, “Mr. Odd and Mr. Even” essay
  • Susan Berlin, “Blue By Default” poem
  • Vanessa Blakeslee, “The Bargain” story
  • Carol J. Clouse, “Dryerland” story
  • Luke Fiske, “Women and Children First” story
  • John Fitzpatrick, “Fair Warning” poem
  • Pete Follansbee, “Simple Flesh” poem
  • Ellaraine Lockie, “Saying Good-bye” poem
  • Chloe Joan Lopez, “Tulips for Simone Weil” poem
  • Gregory Loselle, “Buried Dinner” story
  • Michelle Maher, “To See” poem
  • Dannye Romine Powell, “My Mother’s Dead and Nobody Calls Me Darling Anymore” poem
  • Ann Selby, “The Courtyard Ladies” story
  • Jackie Thomas-Kennedy, “When will our grass be ready?” story
  • Ellen Wehle, “Not Everything You Break Can Be Mended,” poem
  • Sam Witt, “If A Man Could Pass Through Paradise In A Dream, And Have A Pledge Presented To Him That His Soul Had Really Been There, And Found That Flower In His Hand When He Awoke—Aye, What Then?” poem
  • Ann Zoller, “Night Window” poem