2008 coverOur thanks to all of you for participating in our writing contest on the idea of redemption, and we’re sorry for any disappointment you might feel at not having your work selected for publication—some of us here are writers too, so we know not getting in an issue isn’t a pleasant experience. We received 953 submissions to this year’s contest, and following are the winner and runners-up, all of whom will receive publication.



  • Carolyn Creedon—“Medusa’s Love Song”
  • Mary Girard—“The black moth”
  • Nicole Gulotta—“Explorations”
  • Elaine Greensmith Jordan—“Cartoons”
  • Christina Lovin—“Clear Cut”
  • M.B. McLatchey—“Oaths, Curses, Blessings”
  • Anne Meisenzahl—“What You Had Then”
  • Katrinka Moore—“A chance to redeem all sorrows”
  • Patricia Colleen Murphy—“How to Hurt the Ones You Love”
  • Robert L. Penick—“Retirement”
  • Meredith Pond—“Peeling Psyche Off the Wall”
  • Leslie Shiel—“The Blue Room’s Mirrors”
  • Lianne Spidel—“My Father Breathing”
  • Alison Stine—“Girl on the Back of the Bike”
  • Rhett Iseman Trull—“Believers”
  • Jeannie Vanasco—“The Glass Eye”
  • James Vescovi—“Bile”
  • Vuong Quoc Vu—“The Kingdom of Heaven”
  • Julie Marie Wade—“If This Were the Last ”
  • Jeanne Wagner—“Flight”