Magazine Contest Results

We are pleased to announce Georgetown Review’s 2014 Magazine Contest results.

Contest Winner (poetry):

Matthew Lippman – Savagery

Contest Finalists (poetry):
Donald Levering – Man-Moth
Mary Makofske – Lone Gunman
Jennifer Perrine – Elegy for My Morbid Curiosity and Happiness
Richard Ray – Erasure
Rachel Samanie – “Dearest
C. Lynn Shaffer – Quietus
Arne Weingart – Levitation For Agnostics
Sam Witt – Prologue To A Storm

Contest Finalists (prose):
Nicole Zimmerman – Double Life
Nina Buckless – Eight Bullets
Robert Rebein – Hoops, Happiness, Pistol Pete, and Me
Sujata Shekar – Old Enough
Michael Caleb Tasker – Some Kind of Heaven

Our 2015 contest reading period will open in the fall. Guidelines will be posted here.