2014 Contest Results

We received over five hundred submissions for this year’s contest, and after much deliberation and discussion, we are pleased to announce that Matthew Lippman’s poem, “Savagery,” was selected as this year’s winner.

Poetry Finalists:

Donald Levering – “Man-Moth”
Mary Makofske – “Lone Gunman”
Jennifer Perrine – “Elegy for My Morbid Curiosity” and “Happiness”
Richard Ray – “Erasure”
Rachel Samanie – “Dearest”
C. Lynn Shaffer – “Quietus”
Arne Weingart – “Levitation For Agnostics”
Sam Witt – “Prologue To A Storm”

Prose Finalists:

Nicole Zimmerman – “Double Life”
Nina Buckless – “Eight Bullets”
Robert Rebein – “Hoops, Happiness, Pistol Pete, and Me”
Sujata Shekar – “Old Enough”
Michael Caleb Tasker – “Some Kind of Heaven”