Poetry Contest Winner

We are pleased to announce that D.A. Powell has selected Christopher Salerno’s ATM as the winning manuscript for the 2013 Georgetown review Press Manuscript Contest. His book will be published in early 2014.

In addition, the following manuscripts were selected as finalists.
Brandi George – Bell a Body Rings
Kevin McLellan – It was not that long ago
Julia Maher – Trails/’s End
Matthew Ulland – The Speed of Leaving
Caroline Young – catastrophiliac

We are now accepting submissions for the 2014 Poetry Manuscript Contest, with a deadline of February 15, 2014. Ada Limón will judge. Guidelines are available here.

We were truly overwhelmed with the quality of work we received.

Monica Wendel’s No Apocalypse was selected by Bob Hicok as the 2012 Georgetown Review Press poetry manuscript contest.

“I am like a river / that forks around land, becomes smaller or larger or more salty, / and then reunites, on the other side, with itself”: the sensuousness of that image conveys the nature of Monica Wendel’s work, as does the cleaving, as does the ultimate join. She’s very aware of what breaks or never forms, but her poems also seem socially and psychologically embracing, full of people and sex and dreams and cities, and yet intimate, as if I’m holding a little window in my hand. These poems feel genuine in the best sense – necessary to the poet and honest in what they love or push away from. I’ve been reluctant to use this word in blurbs, but these poems really are charming – they cast a spell that makes me want to live with them, to open that window and crawl through.”
Bob Hicok

Monica Wendel will be the spring 2013 Kerouac Writer in Residence through the Jack Kerouac Project of Orlando, Florida. Her chapbook, Call it a Window, was published by the Midwest Writing Center Press in 2012, and her poems have appeared in the Bellevue Literary Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Nimrod, Drunken Boat, Forklift, Ohio, and other journals. A graduate of NYU’s MFA in Creative Writing Program, she was the recipient of both Goldwater and Starworks teaching fellowships, and has taught writing to children and adults at Goldwater Hospital, St. Mary’s Health Care Center for Kids, NYU, and St. Thomas Aquinas College. She lives in Brooklyn.

In addition, the following manuscripts were selected as finalists.

Charlotte Boulay – Foxes on the Trampoline
Jason Koo – America’s Favorite Poem
Dawn Lonsinger – Whelm
Marni Ludwig – The White Room
Sam Witt – The Beautiful Nightmares

We will post an announcement when Monica Wendel’s collection is available. Thank you for your continued support.

Consolation prize

The winner of the 2011 Georgetown Review Press poetry manuscript winner is
Laurie MacDiarmid’s Consolation Prize.

In Consolation Prize, Laurie MacDiarmid, with compassion and grace, presents a frightening extended family.  The series of poems chronicles a young speaker who copes with death, illness, disruption, relocation, and alcoholism.  The dangers of domestic life are rendered with tenderness and precision.  Consolation Prize builds in momentum, each poem well plotted, emotionally adept, energetic, and full of music.

- Denise Duhamel

Consolation Prize idles high and accelerates quickly. Laurie MacDiarmid writes tight, sharp poems fueled by mercy and grudge and survival. Everything is hard-earned, with no clear resolutions, no easy heroes or villains. In the hands of a lesser writer, these family dramas could have been distorted or exploited, but MacDiarmid gives us the clear, frank, emotional truths—never sentimental, never hysterical.  Like the best poets, she knows when to hold back and when to let go.

- Jim Daniels

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