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By Anna Meurer
Opinion Editor

Source: Scott Drake Scott hopes to attend University of Louisville’s Dental School.

Source: Scott Drake
Scott hopes to attend University of
Louisville’s Dental School.

In some ways Scott Drake seemed predestined to come to Georgetown College. A native of Lexington, Ky., he’s had a long experience with the college because several of his family members are alumni, including his parents, uncle, brother-in-law and sister. With that background, he said, “I didn’t even imagine going anywhere else.” That being said, his college career has been a mixture of following in his family’s footsteps and also pursuing his own unique course.

A biology major and chemistry minor, both demanding programs, Drake was also a participant in GCPALS, a grant program that allows students the opportunity to pursue research, usually in the summer of their junior or senior year. Drake was fortunate enough to be able to do research at UK’s Center for Oral Health Research, which fits in nicely with his future plans. After graduation, he plans to marry his long-time sweetheart and fiancée Kelly Cole and move to Louisville, where he hopes to attend University of Louisville’s Dental School. Looking back after nearly four years of classes, he lists physics, taught by Dr. Dickinson, and relationships, taught by Dr. McKenzie, as his favorites. “If you have the opportunity to take either of these classes I would strongly recommend them,” he said.

Outside of academics, he has been involved with FFG and is heavily involved in his fraternity, the President’s House Association. This year he is serving as the fraternity’s Standards Chair and Little Sis Coordinator.

Described as funny and loyal by those close to him, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and watching sports when he’s not in classes. “I love watching volleyball, basketball and baseball the most,” he said. He is also involved in intramurals as both a participant and referee. He said basketball and volleyball are his favorites there as well.

Reflecting on his time at Georgetown, he said, “You could say that I was predestined to Georgetown, but I have loved my experience here! I was able to be a part of PHA just like my dad, uncle and brother-in-law.” He says his favorite Georgetown memory was, “getting to go with the Christian Leadership Scholars to Hilton Head my sophomore year.”

For all of the underclassmen, he recommends getting involved on campus early. “If I could give any advice to freshmen, it would be to join all the clubs that interest you,” says Drake. “There are tons of opportunities here, and it is a lot easier to join a club when you are a freshman than when you get older.”