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The many reasons why morning people have got it right

By Anna Meurer
Opinion Editor

My day starts at 4-5 a.m. Why? Because I work at a barn and I have 17 hungry ponies to feed and take care of before showering (barn smell isn’t appealing to most people) and going to class.

That sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Two months ago, I’d agree with you — without some super important event (and sometimes even then), the soft bed wins every time. Yet in recent days I’ve become convinced that it’s actually the opposite.

I’m not crazy, I promise. Here’s why morning people have got it right:

1. I see the sunrise every morning. And it’s beautiful.

2. First dibs on breakfast. ‘Nuff said.

3. Traffic at 5 a.m. is almost non-existent. So are red lights. And cops. Win.

4. The coffee at the gas stations is as fresh as it’s going to be — and the cashier people are so excited to see other living beings that they give you free doughnuts.

5. By the time everyone else is just getting going you’ve already been up for 3+ hours. The feeling of productivity and accomplishment is inevitable.

6. No chance of running out of hot water for showers. Especially a win when it’s -5 outside (ask me how I know).

7. Quiet. Blissful, wonderful quiet. You don’t realize how busy and distracting our world is until it’s asleep.

8. Because you didn’t sleep, afternoon naps are totally justified.

This isn’t to say that everyone needs to start setting their alarms for 5 a.m. or that night owls need to have a Saul/Paul experience. If anything, it’s to say, give it a go, if only once.

Go forth and seize the morning.