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Tigers unable to extinguish Fire

By Eric Balmer
Sports Editor

headerTigerThis past weekend the Georgetown College softball team traveled to Florida for a double-header against Southeastern University.

Unfortunately for the Tigers, a win was not to come from the trip. GC held off the SU Fire for awhile in the first game but would eventually give the game up in the bottom of the 7th.

In the first of the two games, Georgetown kept Southeastern’s offense from scoring in the first five and a half innings. Although both teams managed seven hits in the game, the Fire was finally able to capitalize when they scored after a double was followed by a one-out single.

GC made a push at the end, getting two players on base during the final Tiger at bat. A Georgetown runner scored on a sacrifice fly, which tied the game. But the Tigers weren’t able to stop the Fire offense in the next inning.

The ending to the first game was rather anticlimactic. SU hit a one-out sacrifice fly to bring in the winning runner and end the game. After 17 and 2/3rd innings, Kayla Williams ended her streak of no earned runs allowed. Southeastern also gave Williams her first loss of the season.

Georgetown continued to struggle against what appeared to be a stingy SU team. The Fire brought the heat and scored early and often. From the first inning, the Tigers were just overwhelmed by the offense of SU. Southeastern started the game with eight runs and would eventually end the game in five innings.

GC (4-2) couldn’t manage to score a run and only managed two hits throughout the entire game. The home team had no issue making plays happen and even hit a two-out grand-slam.

The final score of the game was 12-0, which was the most the Tigers have allowed in their first five games of this season.

The softball team hopes to get back to their winning ways at home against Midway College on Feb. 26. Midway and Georgetown will play in a double-header at the Tiger Softball Complex.