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By Cassidy Clayton
Staff Writer

The Georgetonian/ ABBY SMITH Rachel has worked at Georgetown for five years.

The Georgetonian/ ABBY SMITH
Rachel has worked at Georgetown for five years.

If you have ever frequented the Mulberry Café, you are sure to have seen Rachel Draper. She has been working in the Mulberry since the beginning of the year, but has had a long career at Georgetown. She originally started working here five years ago when her father helped her land a job with Sodexo. Many students have asked her if she ended up at the Mulberry as a part of the work-study program here at Georgetown, but Rachel is actually not a student! She mentions how surprised students are to learn that she is an employee, possibly because so many campus jobs are for student workers.

Rachel first worked in the Caf, making sandwiches in the deli section. After three years, she started helping around other parts of the school, especially the Mulberry. She quickly learned everything she needed to know about how the Mulberry works, and can be seen in the mornings making coffee or preparing the counter. Even though she enjoyed working in the Caf, she prefers the Mulberry, saying it’s less stressful and friendlier.

The Mulberry tends to be pretty crowded in the mornings, so getting the same items every time helps the workers. For the students who do, they can get in and out of line fairly quickly. “If I see their face, I know what they get,” Rachel said. Her hours are typically from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. or 3 p.m. She has multiple parts to her job, not just the cashier and barista. She also makes the sandwiches and baked goods behind the scenes. Currently, she has some duties running stock as well. Fulfilling drink orders may seem fast and stressful, but Rachel claims it is an easy job to do. When she is making a more complicated beverage, she takes special care in making the order just right, as she says she wants students to get their money’s worth.

Rachel grew up in Stamping Ground and graduated from Scott County High School in 2009. She works alongside eight other employees, only some of whom are students.

Her favorite item in the Mulberry is the zebra hot chocolate, a combination of the regular and white chocolate. She also enjoys the broccoli cheddar soup, claiming it’s the best.

Rachel definitely knows how to run the Mulberry, and can be seen helping others witha friendly smile. She plans on continuing to work at Georgetown, or at least follow Sodexo “until something major happens, like win the lottery or something.” Georgetown has grown on Rachel, as she knows almost every professor’s face and every student’s order. The library workers have become her friends and she is regularly greeted by staff members. Overall, her best description of Georgetown is friendly. So if you are visiting the Mulberry soon, make sure to say hello to Rachel!