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SGA President writes open letter to campus

By Adam Wetherington
Contributing Writer

The Georgetonian/WESLEY FOLSOM The members of the Student Government Association pose for a picture outside of Giddings Hall.

The Georgetonian/WESLEY FOLSOM
The members of the Student Government Association pose for a picture outside of Giddings Hall.

The past few months at Georgetown College have been challenging to say the least. We have witnessed the discontinuation of a notable student program, the announcement of potential changes coming to campus and even the death of a dear friend. Through all of this, we are persevering together as one Georgetown family. Now more than ever it is crucial that we continue to engage in open and meaningful dialogue. We are privileged to have wonderful students, faculty, staff and administrators who all strive to enhance the experience here at Georgetown.

One group striving to achieve this goal is the Student Government Association (SGA). The three groups of official positions within SGA are the Executive Council, the Senate and the House of Representatives. It is our job to represent the student body of Georgetown College. We act as the liaison between the students and the administrators of the institution.

One concern that has been mentioned recently was that, due to the discontinuation of the President’s Ambassadors program, there is no longer a link such as this. I can confidently say that this connection has been established in the past through SGA, and will remain established well into the future. It is crucial that this link exists and we are excited that we are able to provide this. A sizable portion of our job as an organization is to represent the students. This is an incredibly important task that we do not take lightly.

We encourage students to come to our office, which is on the third floor of the Cralle Student Center, and discuss your thoughts and ideas with us. You may also fill out comment cards which are available in our office as well. Students may also choose to serve on a committee through SGA. These include committees such as the Safety Committee and the CAF Committee. We are fortunate to have such strong lines of communication with the administration and we encourage every student to be a part of that.

Another important function of SGA is the recognition and regulation of all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus. We approve the official recognition of new clubs and organizations, and we regulate and monitor existing groups.

In addition, SGA is responsible for providing grants to RSOs. As the president of the Student Government Association I am very pleased to announce that, solely through grants given by SGA, we have been able to either directly or indirectly affect close to 700 students. We have almost run out of grant money, which means that student organizations recognize the benefits that come from a strong Student Government. Through the distribution of grant money, we are able to assist with the funding for events that students have chosen to provide or attend. We are also able to strengthen clubs and organizations by providing select funding for necessary materials.

Additionally, SGA is responsible for a number of events which impact a broad range of students. One important event that SGA is responsible for is Declare a Major Day. Through this, many students have been able to declare their majors and minors in a timely and efficient manner.
SGA is responsible for multiple Involvement Fairs throughout the year as well, the next of which is on March 29 as part of the “Today’s Tigers” event. We greatly appreciate all of the campus-wide support that we have received for all of these events. This is just another way in which it is evident that Georgetown College is a special and important place. We are confident that SGA will continue to provide exceptional assistance to all students.

Likewise, we are convinced that together all of us are responsible for Georgetown College. Throughout this entire academic year there has been a marked difference in the morale and atmosphere of campus. While we will not shy away from the fact that there are definitely areas with room for improvement, there is a notable difference between this year and years past.

It has become apparent that there is a great deal to be proud of here at Georgetown. We are an institution with an extensive tradition of premier education, athletics and community. It is important that we embrace this reality and do our very best to continue to preserve and enhance this institution which we love so dearly. This has been our goal as an SGA, and it is currently our petition to all those who have been impacted by Georgetown College. This is done in a variety of ways such as: financially supporting the institution, giving our time and other resources and even performing simple acts such as positively changing our attitudes. We are all to be stewards of this gift which we have received.

Ultimately, all those who work to make Georgetown College a better place do so because they recognize the merit of the institution. SGA is proud to serve as the link between students and the administration and we encourage others to be involved in this process as well. As a family, we must all continue to stand fast and be “Georgetown Proud.”