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By Anna Meurer
Opinion Editor

Source: Kel Arlinghaus In his free time, Kel enjoys reading and cooking new recipes.

Source: Kel Arlinghaus
In his free time, Kel enjoys reading and cooking new recipes.

A resident of Cincinnati for most of his life, Kel Arlinghaus attended Newport Central Catholic High School before coming to Georgetown.

Speaking on his decision to come to Georgetown, he said, “I had a really good regional recruiter (Julie Sams), and she really sold Georgetown for me.” He also liked the good biology department and prospect of having a “close personal relationship with professors.” Not surprisingly then, he chose to major in biology with a focus in ecology. However, he also decided to double-minor in philosophy and chemistry.

He spent the past weekend at Miami University in Ohio, where he was invited to explore graduate programs. Arlinghaus said, “I’m currently looking at grad schools hoping to study botany or plant ecology. I’d like to get my PhD and then either do academic research or teach at a collegiate level.” He’s already gotten a head start on his work, having assisted Dr. Griffith with research on the effects of climate change on leaf morphology for the past two summers. Asked why he is choosing to specialize in plants, he said, “animals are too hard to work with.”

Outside of his coursework, Kel works for the biology department as both a lab tech and as a lab T.A. Explaining for non-science people, he says that he helps set up each lab for the week, check materials, clean, etc. He also keeps the labs in working condition and assists the professors during labs. He also does individual biology tutoring for students needing help and is a member of the Tri Beta Biology Honor Society.

In his free time, he lists reading and cooking as hobbies. He can frequently be found trying out new recipes in his apartment, only rarely setting off the fire alarm. In fact, the only thing he likes more than cooking is cats. “I really, really like cats,” he said, evidenced by the fact that he has three of his own at home — Penny, Teddy and Ellie. “We like cats that have names that end in E,” he said.