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By Alex Courtenay
Staff Writer

The Georgetonian/COLLIN SMITH Genée plans to study music therapy after she graduates in May.

The Georgetonian/COLLIN SMITH
Genée plans to study music therapy after she graduates in May.

Like all humans, Genée is 75 percent water and, unlike most, 25 percent bagels. She is a music major and a borderline genius on the piano. If you have the chance to hear Genée play the piano or have a bagel with her, consider yourself lucky.

While here at Georgetown College, Genée has been involved with Freshman Family Groups, Tiger Tunistas and Campus Ministries. She has led the music portions of Rooted and has served as an orientation leader. Genée is also a member of Delta Omicron, an international music fraternity. She has worked as an English tutor and in the Writing Center.

What Genée said she loves about Georgetown is, “the close community aspect. Professors know the students by name, and they remember you when you leave. Georgetown College is really embedded and involved with the surrounding Georgetown community, and students have the opportunity to reach outside our own circles of academia.” Genée also loves the fact that her sister, Jacqui Johns, is a freshman at Georgetown College and can spend time with her on campus.

Genée will miss living in a community of 20-year-olds, her friends, late night runs to Hongs and prepared food in the Caf. She will also miss her professors when she leaves Georgetown, as well as taking piano lessons and practicing piano consistently throughout the week. She’ll never forget the Flowers study room (or as she likes to call it “the Dreamatorium”). However, she is bitter that the school will not let her paint the room a color of her choosing (except for three shades of gray) because she lives in Flowers aka an independent dorm.

Genée’s cousin and fellow Georgetown College senior Leanndra Padgett said, “I have known Genée for a long time — pretty much since I was born. She is a really genuine person, very conscientious and one of the best conversationalists I’ve ever met. She can strike up a meaningful conversation with just about anyone. She works really hard and gives everything she does her all.”

On describing Georgetown, Genée said, “There are so many things! It’s been a very shaping experience. It’s helped me to discover things I want and love to do, grow deeper in my relationship with God and develop lifelong friendships. My mind has been opened to tremendous possibilities.”

On the weekends, Genée loves to play Taboo and Scattergories with her friends, as well as watch NBC’s hilarious TV series Community.

Some of Genée’s favorite memories at Georgetown College include running the 5k for SHMAC, going to Georgetown football and basketball games, Reds games and tubing with GAC.

According to Genée, the different spring break mission trips she went on to Arlington, Texas, Jackson, Miss. and right here in Georgetown were “all great experiences” and she “learned so much from them.” Genée, (remember she is a talented pianist) also had a great time playing triangle for the Lyric Theater Society of Georgetown College’s “Pirates of Pinafore.”

In 2013, Genée was a contestant for Belle of the Blue. When she was only considering it, her roommate signed her up. Genée won audience choice and overall scholarship, so her roommate did her a favor.

Genée’s favorite classes she has taken at Georgetown are “Survey of Art History” with Dr. Decker, “Keyboard Literature” with Dr. Hayashida, and two classes with Dr. Price “Counseling Skills and Techniques” and “Abnormal Psychology.” Genée also took “Christian Heritage” with Doc, and she cherishes the opportunity she had to be in his class.

Genée plans on attending Kentucky University for Graduate school to study music therapy. However, she said that “Georgetown will always be considered home to me.”