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By Kaitlin Fahey
Copy Editor

Source: Dennis Propp Dennis enjoys the great outdoors in his free time.

Source: Dennis Propp
Dennis enjoys the great outdoors in his free time.

Senior Dennis Propp of Crestwood, Ky. said that Georgetown College “felt like home from the start,” referring to when he visited campus after hearing about it from his friends back home. Over the past four years, Dennis has certainly found his home in many different places at Georgetown.

Dennis has served as the president of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, a member of the Campus Outreach Ministry Team and a participant in Big Brothers/Big Sisters and STEMM Fellows. He also served on the new student orientation team both as an orientation leader and, for the past two years, an orientation coordinator. Dennis is a ropes course facilitator and works in the admissions office as a Tiger Tour Guide.

Dennis’s coursework is just as indicative of his work ethic as his many leadership roles. As a biology major with German and chemistry minors, Dennis plans to apply for medical school for entry in fall 2015. He is also a finalist for the Fulbright Program, which would allow him to teach English in Germany for a year if he becomes a recipient. With such big plans ahead of him, Dennis said one of the things he is most looking forward to in his last semester at Georgetown is taking advantage of all of his free time before he begins work or medical school.

In his free time, Dennis enjoys outdoor activities such as tennis, fishing, swimming and backpacking. He recalled a fall break trip with three of his fraternity brothers during his junior year which consisted of backpacking in the Great Smoky Mountains. “To say the least, we were not very prepared at all,” he said of the trip. “But our struggles and pain brought about laughter to the situation.”

Other fond memories of Dennis’s time at Georgetown include earning an A on his first physics exam despite having box seats at a Reds game the night before. He described men’s Bid Day his freshman year as the most excited he’s ever felt, saying, “I don’t even remember running down the stairs of Cooke because of the adrenaline rush.”

When asked about a certain professor who strongly influenced him, Dennis credited Dr. Rebeccah Dawson with motivating him to become a German minor “by showing the value of the German language and culture in today’s world” as well as for her help with his Fulbright application. He continued, “Her class is also very fun, and makes German very easy to learn.”

As he prepares to leave Georgetown, Dennis has the following advice for underclassmen: “Enjoy the time you have in college. School is important, but know that it is not everything. Sometimes the more memorable moments will not be what you studied, but rather the people you spend time making memories with. Be sure to take time to make those memories because when you graduate, you won’t get these years back.”