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Robber responsible for lockdown caught

By Caitlin Knox
A&E Editor

Source: wtvq.com Johnson, a father-to-be says he’s “done being a criminal.”

Source: wtvq.com
Johnson, a father-to-be says he’s “done being a criminal.”

According to Lex18 News, the man who robbed two students on campus last month has been arrested. On Jan. 30, GC was on a lockdown after two students were robbed at gunpoint in the Lambda Chi Alpha parking lot.

At 10 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 10, Charles Johnson was taken into custody by police. According to NBC News, Johnson was arrested because of another robbery in Lexington. He is accused of robbing a Papa John’s pizza man in Lexington.

From jail, Johnson admitted to both robberies, but said that it didn’t happen exactly the way it’s been reported.

“It wasn’t planned out. It just happened,” he said.

NBC.com said, “Johnson said in the first incident at Georgetown College, he asked two men for directions. One thing led to another and after racist words were exchanged, Johnson says he pulled a gun on the men and told them to empty their pockets. Only, he says, he didn’t take their money and ran off. Then, this weekend, police said Johnson robbed a pizza man in Lexington and got away with a little less than $80.”

Johnson said immediately after he did it he felt bad, and apologized to the driver. Eighteen-year-old Johnson has a baby on the way and says he’s done being a criminal.

“If I get to walk out of this building today at 1 when I go to court, man, I’ll be the happiest man of my life. Everything will be changing about me for real,” Johnson said, as reported ny NBC.

Johnson is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday afternoon.

Some students were relieved that they caught the robber, saying that they felt safer. Others responded with, “There was a robbery?”

If you were one of those students, make sure to sign up for emergency alerts. You can do this through the my.georgetown portal.