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Lockdown was a joke

By Alex Courtenay
Staff Writer

Source: News-graphic.com Police searched for the robber Thursday night.

Source: News-graphic.com
Police searched for the robber Thursday night.

On the evening of Thursday, Jan. 30 two students in the parking lot behind the Lambda Chi Alpha House were robbed at gunpoint. The two students were not hurt, and their stolen items were recovered. The campus was put on lockdown, and students were advised to stay inside and to barricade doors.

However, the campus did not take this lockdown seriously. Some students did not heed the warnings the campus gave. Students played tricks on other students, and people did not take the situation seriously.

One student said that a fellow student banged on a door scaring everyone in the room. In another situation, a student who did not care about the lockdown went outside anyways and headed to South Campus. It is important to take lockdowns seriously even if they only last half an hour.

An article from Washington Post, written by Cristina Lafferty Hassinger, was published, coincidently, on Jan. 30 about school shootings. The article reported that, “There have been at least 39 school shootings since the massacre in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, 2012.” Out of those 39 school shootings, there have been 11 this year, and it is only February.

Widener University, in Chester, Pa, had a student shot and critically injured on Jan. 20. The student was walking near the Schwartz Athletic Center on the Widener Campus.

The next day, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind., had a student, Andrew Boldt, shot and stabbed to death inside a classroom in the electrical engineering building by fellow student Cody Cousins.

Collen Curry, ABC News, reported that, “Hatfield said that police searched other buildings in addition to the engineering building. He said students and teachers took the lockdown ‘very seriously.’”

Three days later, South Carolina State University, in Orangeburg, a student was shot in the neck and four students have been arrested due to the murder. Thomas J. Elzey, the school president, said, “Our first order of business is to make sure that our students are safe” (Ralph Ellis, Greg Botelho and Ben Brumfield, CNN).

On Jan. 28, at Tennessee State University in Nashville, a person was shot in the leg due to an argument. According to “The Huffington Post” article, the university sent out “an emergency message about the incident, urging all students on campus to ‘stay in shelter as secured as possible.’”

Eastern Florida State College had the most recent school shooting. On Jan. 30, the same day as Georgetown’s crisis, a student was shot and injured on the Florida campus.

The students in the incident all knew each other and claimed self-defense.

The Georgetown College website has a what–to–do if a shooter is on campus and a lockdown is in place, “If advised to shelter for an active shooter incident, immediately seek shelter in the nearest facility. If possible, lock or barricade yourself and others inside a room. Do not leave your area until authorized by Public Safety officials.”

I personally add, take lockdowns seriously. Lives may be at risk, and honestly, it is sad if college students cannot be serious during an emergency. Also sign up for the text alert system. To do this: go to MyGeorgetowncollege.edu > GC Life > Emergency Notifications.