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“Freedom” tour brings talent to GC

By Andrea Bellew
Staff Writer

jennytyler 300x91 “Freedom” tour brings talent to GC

Source: Somewhereinbetweenbeautifulthoughtsanduglyreality.wordpress.com
Jenny and Tyler will be paying our campus a visit on April 2.


Georgetown College’s Student Abolitionist Movement (SAM) has some big plans in store. SAM is an organization committed to the eradication of modern-day slavery and human trafficking, and seeks not only to bring students the knowledge and reality of human trafficking in Georgetown and across the world, but also to equip students with tools and empower them to act for the end of slavery in our lifetimes.

Currently, SAM is making preparations to sponsor a concert that is part of Jenny and Tyler’s “For Freedom” tour. They are holding a concert in the Chapel on Wednesday, April 2. The tour is based around their latest album For Freedom – A Covers EP, and as the name suggest it is an album of cover songs.

The proceeds from certain merchandise items and their For Freedom album sales will go to organizations that fight human trafficking such as International Justice Mission. Joining their tour are musicians Levi Weaver and Vanita Jones.

To find out more about Jenny and Tyler and their tour, you can go to their website: http://jennyandtyler.com/about.

Caliesha Comley, SAM student leader and Jenny and Tyler fan, said that she has seen one of their concerts before: “After the show they hung around to talk to anyone and everyone about their music and their mission. They describe themselves as a duo with Christian influences, and they support abolition efforts. I remember them as so personable, welcoming and sweet.”

In past years SAM has been known for holding Frisbee tournaments, and one will be held and announced soon as part of SAM’s fund raising for the concert. Both students and faculty can form teams, join teams or even make teams from other campus organizations in order to help the cause.

Some other SAM events that students and faculty can look forward to are the Hope Campaign with local Human Trafficking Task Forces to happen later this semester. The Hope Campaign mainly consists of wrapping tubes of Chapstick and lipstick with the number to the Human Trafficking Hotline. The items are then placed in human trafficking hotspots, such as gas stations and hotels.

Comley encourages all to see the concert: “The event will be big, fun and not to mention free! But the message ‘For Freedom’ will bring to campus is one that SAM works for every semester. We’re really excited to be able to put this on!”