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Barmore to try out for US Olympic team

By Eric Balmer
Sports Editor

While the Winter Olympics are ending, hopes for the Summer Olympics are being realized. Georgetown Assistant Volleyball Coach Amy Barmore, who is a GC alum, is preparing to try out for the US Volleyball Olympic team.

Barmore is in her second season as an assistant coach at Georgetown. Before coming to coach at GC, she coached at Scott County (2011-2012) and Tates Creek High School (2010-2011).

During her time as a player at Georgetown, Barmore was an All-American, and during her senior year she helped GC to the runner up spot in the national tournament. She considered trying out for the US team after head coach Nick Griffin urged her to go for it.

Griffin said, “I went to her and said ‘Amy, you need to do this’, because she has always talked about wanting to play professionally overseas and wanting to chase dreams, and so we kind of twisted her arm and bought the tickets so she had to,” (wave3.com).

She had pretty impressive stats when she was on Georgetown’s volleyball team, including 270 service aces, 2,804 digs, four-time All-MSC and two-time All-Region.

Olympic team tryouts for volleyball will be held in the training center in Colorado Springs, which is where the Male High School alum must show everyone she’s got what it takes.

She’ll have her work cut out for her, as there will be 250 players from all over the country trying out for a limited number of positions. Players from colleges like Stanford and Texas are said to be interested in the Olympic team.

Barmore has good support from the players and coaches of Georgetown’s team, including current player Lauren Schneidtmiller.

Barmore seems to be shy off the court, but she is definitely a different person on the court. Schneidtmiller said, “You can see how she pushes us is exactly how she pushes herself, so you just know she has a great work ethic” (wave3.com).

Barmore traveled to Colorado on Thursday for the try-outs, which are to be held Friday through Sunday. Athletes that are selected will be notified by early March.