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There is always a place to study

By Brooke Whitaker
Copy Editor

The Georgetonian/ MEGHAN ALESSI Find your nook in “Narnia.”

The Georgetonian/ MEGHAN ALESSI
Find your nook in “Narnia.”

With the first (for some) round of exams coming up, studying will be the campus–wide activity for the next few weeks. Everyone has different preferences on where and how to study. Some need background noise and prefer to be in a more lively environment, where some need absolute peace and quiet. Here are some popular places to study:

•Third Floor of the LRC: Affectionately known as “Narnia” by most of the student body, it doesn’t get quieter than here. Conveniently close to the periodicals (and the children’s books if you decide to ignore your paper and embrace your inner five-year-old), this area is also equipped with several large tables.

•Starbucks: Get your caffeine fix while cramming your brain with information. While there isn’t as much seating here, there is free wifi and of course the delicious coffee beverages that the chain is known for.

•Asher: Working on a math or science assignment? Not only is Asher home to more whiteboards than any other building on campus (which is very convenient for problems in which you need to see all of the steps), but most of the time it is also home to several other students doing the same thing; you might even see someone from your class.

•The Mulberry: Better for those who need a little background buzz in order to process information, the Mulberry offers snack and beverage options (in case you’re so busy studying that you skip lunch) as well as several spacious tables perfect for spreading out your study materials. There are usually enough people in the Mulberry that you get the environment that you want, while still allowing for the concentration that you need.

•Departmental Study Spaces: Many departments offer designated spaces for their students to get together to study. If you’re an English major, try the first floor of Pawling. There are several very comfortable armchairs, and your professors are close at hand if you have a problem that you desperately need help with, or a burning question about the next exam that just can’t wait until the next class meeting.

No matter what your preferences, Georgetown has a space for you.