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The musical life of Meagan Henry

By Andrea Bellew
Staff Writer

The Georgetonian/ABBY SMITH Meagan is a talented musician involved in almost every aspect of music at GC.

The Georgetonian/ABBY SMITH
Meagan is a talented musician involved in almost every aspect of music at GC.


“My parents — I don’t know if they’re serious or not — used to joke around saying I was singing to the radio before I was actually talking to people.”

Meagan Henry, a sophomore in the music education program, has had a passion for music ever since she was little. She grew up singing both in church and school choirs. She has been in band for nine years now, starting with her middle school in 6th grade, then onto her high school, and now she plays with our very own Tiger Band.

Her musical talents at the moment include the clarinet and singing. For her major she was originally going to do both instrumental and vocal, but decided to drop the vocal portion last semester.

She did not fall out of love with the vocal portion, though. She is currently in choir and plans on sticking with it. She also took up an offer to join the new co-ed a cappella group, the Tiger Tones.

Another item on her musical plate is playing in the orchestra pit for her alma mater, Western Hills High School’s upcoming musical, “Little Shop of Horrors.”

In the past, she has assisted with Western Hills Band Camp and given clarinet lessons. She attended the camp herself each summer of her high school career and has worked during the last two. This past summer she taught a clarinet course for the camp. She also began giving a girl from her high school private clarinet lessons, which she plans on continuing this summer.

Giving lessons to this girl actually helped solidify her decision to go strictly instrumental with her major.

As a music education major she has many instruments to learn how to play: flute, oboe, saxophone, bassoon and piano. But the two instruments that she is looking most forward to are trumpet and tuba.

As for her future plans, she is considering a few different routes: Minister of Music, high school band director or elementary school music teacher. A Minister of Music (or worship leader) is something she has experience with from her hometown church, Lighthouse Baptist.

Last semester, she really enjoyed coordinating with her high school band director on the Fridays she spent helping for football season.

She loves both little kids and sharing music.

All of these choices would suit her, but for now we will just have to wait and see what path or paths she chooses.

She has a bright musical future, but she already has some achievements under her belt as well. She completed the Opera and Theatre Workshop (OpShop), played as a Warrior Woman for the “Pirates of Pinafore,” and performed in all of the fall and spring Band Concerts since fall 2012.

Her skills and knowledge grow everyday as she takes her music and education classes, has her instrumental lessons, belts out to the “Frozen” soundtrack and joins in on concerts, operas and more.


  • Amy Trần

    Aww sooooo proud of you, Meagan! I love you~ <3333 Keeep doing what you're doing and best of luck in the future ^^

  • Lindy M.

    This is a wonderful individual to do a feature on! Growing up with her, I know that she will go on in the field of music and make everyone around her both inspired and proud. She rocks. #teammeagan