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Greek Life welcomes Williams as new Area Coordinator


The Georgetonian/COLLIN SMITH
Hunter Williams brings new ideas to GC Greek Life.

By Meghan Alessi
Features Editor

Hunter Williams is Georgetown’s new Area Coordinator for Greek Life. After joining the Student Life team in October, she had just a few months to prepare for her first recruitment week at Georgetown, and overall she thought it was successful.

Williams is no stranger to Greek life herself. She was a member of a Greek organization at Western Kentucky University during her time in college. She also served as the Panhellenic President in college and continued on to be a recruitment adviser for three years after she graduated.

When reflecting on the size difference in recruitment here as opposed to at Western, she enjoyed that it is “more intimate and you get to know people.” She also stated that she appreciates the tradition of Chapel Day and the excitement it brings.

Williams reports that this year, of students who went through recruitment, 58 women were matched into sororities and 42 men pledged fraternities.

It was rumored that there was a lack of students, and of men specifically, going through recruitment due to poor GPAs. However, Williams noted that there were only a few men that signed up and were declared ineligible. Many students speculate that low numbers in recruitment correlate with low numbers of freshmen in general.

This year’s recruitment saw the addition of an online component. Rather than a paper bid system, it was all done electronically. Williams said the last thing she wanted to do was “kill a bunch of trees, so why not do everything online?”

Williams explained that she would like to now switch focus to the Panhellenic Council and Inter-Fraternity Council. Her intentions are to give the students in Greek organizations more ownership and responsibility, as well as build a more positive image across campus.

She also encouraged that all Greek organizations “need to be supportive in order to be successful,” as a goal for them to work toward.