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Future Tiger Friday welcomes over 80 prospective students to Georgetown

By Andrea Bellew
Staff Writer

USA4024-Small-155x200Friday, Jan. 17 was a cold, snow laden day as prospective Georgetown students entered campus to participate in one of the college’s Future Tiger Friday events.

However, wintery weather conditions did not keep the prospective students and their families away. An estimated 83 of over 100 registered high school students received the grand tour of Georgetown College, given by Admissions staff and student Tiger guides. Some of the prospective students traveled from long distances such as Pennsylvania and Missouri.

Future Tiger Friday is a fairly recent development from the Admissions office. Events under the title Future Tiger Fridays have been hosted for about a year, yet Georgetown Admissions holds a variety of other similar events such as Today’s Tigers. Both themed events are designed to recruit high school students to GC.

Interested high school students of all grade levels are invited to Future Tiger Fridays, whereas Today’s Tigers events are only for high school seniors that have been accepted to Georgetown.

After registration, the students had many opportunities to engage with GC campus life. The agenda consisted of a Black and Orange Fair showcasing academic departments, a walking tour of the campus, lunch in the Caf, sitting in on a class of their choice, and a driving tour of downtown Georgetown and East Campus.

The Black and Orange Fair gave the prospective students a chance to talk to representatives from various academic departments. At the booths, professors and GC students shared with prospective students their department’s requirements and discussed career options that lay ahead for majors and minors of their discipline.

Because of the weather, walking campus tours were optional, but some of the students and families decided to brave the cold. The tours were shortened, and Tiger Guides were advised to keep the people inside the buildings as much as possible.

A wide variety of classes was included in the options for students to participate in and observe. Prospective students attended philosophy, business, religion or chemistry classes, among others.

The driving tours were also an optional activity in which the students and families could participate. Though weather conditions ensured the rescheduling of the driving tours from the morning to the afternoon, the Admissions team continued serving the future Tigers without a hitch.

Additionally, the seniors in attendance who had not already applied were given the opportunity to fill out a paper application, submit it, and receive a decision from Admissions by the end of the day. Some students even came prepared with their high school transcripts and test scores.

Taylor Burchett, a Tiger Guide, said that the day, overall, went well and was a success.

There are Future Tiger Fridays scheduled throughout the rest of semester in February, March and April.