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Are snow days worth it?

By Brenna Jewell
Staff Writer

In the last two to three weeks, the weather has brought a lot of snow to Georgetown, layering the town with a picturesque feel. Children have stayed snuggled within their homes due to school cancellations, braving just a few hours to go play out in the snow.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you get to wake up late and sit around in your pajamas all day long, one that I long for again, but as the school calendar starts lengthening into June the one question that everyone has is, “Is itworth it?”

There were several summers where I would be sitting in class due to making up snow days, wondering if it was worth getting to stay home and sleep late and to go out and make a snowman.

The struggle of having to go to school and stare out the window into the sun–warmed earth always made me wish that I hadn’t gotten out of school when it did snow. At the time that it snowed, I was all for missing school, and even though staying in school during the summer sucks, I’d rather be warm in bed during the cold days.

But I’m at an impasse when it comes to whether the recent events of snow should have kept Scott County schools out of session. There were a few days where the roads were initially bad, but as far as I could see the salt trucks did a good job of keeping the roads as ice free as possible. The county I went to had bank days, which were a set number of times we could miss school without having to make it up; however that is not the case for this county. I feel bad the Scott County kids will have to be in school for so long, and I feel like some of the days they were given off weren’t exactly necessary.

On the other hand though, I have checked my email more times within the last few weeks than I have in six months, hoping that any of my classes would be canceled because I didn’t want to have to walk around in the cold and to deal with a runny nose and coughs. I can understand that the cold weather can cause health issues and being out of school could help keep kids safe.

Scott County has had reasonable cause to miss some days of school; however I think some of the days could have been avoided. If it is dangerous and too cold, kids should stay home, if there is snow on the ground but driving conditions are fine, go ahead and keep kids in school so they can have a longer summer.