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Transfer student confesses her GC love

BY Abigail Smith
Staff Writer

ffg fun pic

Abby (second left) enoys participating in GC organizations like FFG with (top left to right) Faith Waters, Mason Head, Wesley Folsom, Madison Evans, Hollis Dudgeon and Evan Jacoby

I admit it. I LOVE Georgetown College. I transferred here from Transylvania University after just one semester there.

Why? Because there truly is no place like Georgetown. No other school is as rich in spirit as our dear old GC is. And this is the time of year to remember that, and no I am not talking about being “thankful in November.”

I call this time of year “The Doldrums.” Welcome back fun has passed, fall break is merely a fond memory and you can only just see Christmas break on the distant horizon. However, you should not feel bogged down, for we are at the best school in the state – NO, the world!

But really, where else can you find a school with a campus culture quite like ours? Where else can you find a school with a faculty and staff as phenomenal as ours? Nowhere. Georgetown is just as unique and extraordinary as its students.

We have professors who work incredibly long hours (holding study sessions late into the night before a test) and who respond to frantic emails at 2 in the morning. Our professors genuinely care about the well-being of their students. Not all schools have professors that genuinely want to eat lunch with students in the school cafeteria, or take time out of their day to sit down with a student for coffee. Not everyone gets that experience, and we should not let it go unappreciated.

And students at other schools do not have as much FUN as we have. Somehow, despite heavy workloads and rigorous class schedules, Georgetown people still manage to create a fun and warm environment and still do well in classes. From my experience on campus, I would classify this as a miraculous feat.

Even during finals week you will see people playing volleyball or Frisbee in the quad (if it’s not freezing . . . and sometimes even then) or making a late night Hongs (Donut Express) run with some friends. And if you look for it, you can always find a place to belong.

We have numerous clubs and organizations on campus that are incredibly active. Things like FFG, GAC, Campus Ministries, sororities and fraternities and countless other organizations help give Georgetown its overwhelming sense of community.

Georgetown is academically competitive to schools like Centre and Transylvania, but we have that something extra that makes us more than just a small liberal arts college.

Our campus is energetic and fun loving, but is also full of responsible and successful individuals. The students here are more than just classmates, they create strong bonds with each other that will last a lifetime. Georgetown College is a unique and amazing place, and I love it!