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Smartphones ruin lives

By Leanndra W. Padgett
Copy Editor

nokia memeHaving a smartphone will ruin your life. Hear me out; I can support this. The rise in portable, individualized Internet-access devices is detrimental to society for many reasons. Smartphones ruin friendships, cause bankruptcy, make you dumber and cause war and slavery. Sounds pretty awful, right?

Smartphones distract people from the present. How many times have you had a conversation with somebody only to find yourself competing for attention with their phone? Is their Angry Birds game or Facebook surfing really more valuable than what you have to say to them? Granted, this could be true of any phone, as even dumb phones have texting, but the temptation to ignore the present is stronger with a smart device.

Smartphones are expensive. Plans are higher than those of dumb phones. Enough said.

Availability of constant Internet access leads to less absorption of knowledge and reliance on memory. Why ask someone how to get to their house when you can just look up the directions on your phone? Nevermind that depending on a phone’s GPS can lead you the wrong way on one way streets and take you down the shorter, but less direct route. Why memorize the ingredients needed at the grocery store when you can just access Pinterest on your device on location? There’s no need to think critically and plan ahead when making a purchase suggested by a website of opinions.

Perhaps most disturbingly of all, smartphones and other technological devices are made with minerals that are mined in places such as the Congo, where conflicts within the industry abound. Worker abuses, human trafficking and violence surround the production of raw materials utilized within smartphones.

Besides all of this, the old phones are more durable than newer models. I still use my first cell phone – a basic Nokia that I got in 2006. Are you shocked that a technological device still functions after an upgrade has come out? Go old school. It’s for your own good.

By Alex Courtenay
Staff Writer

Smartphones are literally the best invention since microwavable popcorn. They are like a best friend that can fit in your pocket. They are always there for you, will help you with any problem, keep you informed on the world events and keep you in contact with friends. Sounds pretty great, right?
A smartphone keeps you company when you sit alone at the lunch table. Without a smartphone, how would you look busy while waiting for your friends to show up? Stare at a wall? No. You can act busy on your phone as you wait. Honestly, you look important even though you are going through some random person’s photo album on Facebook.

Do not forget about the awesome apps and games. Where else could you put birds with anger issues in giant slingshots and fire them at pigs that have skills to build castles that are terribly unstable? Or raise dragons in an alternate dimension? Not on old phone, that is for sure.

You cannot put a price on happiness, and smartphones create happiness. What could be unhappy about having the world at your fingertips? NOTHING.

Smartphones are also the ultimate way to stay safe and access resources quickly. Let’s say that you get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. If you have a smartphone, you can call a car service, locate the closest car repair shop or call a friend to pick you up. Or let’s say that you are in a heated argument about who won season 16 of “Dancing With The Stars.” You can save time and arguing by just using your smartphone to find the answer (Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough).

In conclusion, smartphones are better than the old phones (like a certain Nokia). I personally have the iPhone 5, and I love it. I have Siri call me “Batman,” and I have many apps to keep myself entertained. Get a smartphone – it is the smart choice.