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Several cars with slashed tires found Tuesday

By Caitlin Knox


Source: Scalywagandvagabond.com. Some students woke up to find their tires slashed.

On Monday night, Nov. 11, there were several cars with slashed tires on campus, as well as around Georgetown. One impacted student was junior Haley Midkiff, whose van had two slashed tires on the passenger side and one punctured tire. She was parked across from the music building on Jackson Street. Two other cars were seen with flat tires close by.

Sargent Jason Bruner from the Georgetown Police Department said, “The first shift sergeant did respond to several different incidences of tires being slashed.” Bruner said that although some of the incidents were in the college campus area, several more were reported off campus as well.

The police have not been able to catch the culprit(s), and “there are no suspects at present,” said Bruner. He encourages students to be on the lookout for suspicious characters. “Chances are if they don’t look like a student, they aren’t, and they are up to no good,” he said. “If anybody sees anyone suspicious, especially at odd hours (like 11 p.m. to 6 p.m.), don’t hesitate to call campus safety and the police department.”