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Senior Spotlight: Maddy Fritz


Source: Crystal Jackson. Maddy Fritz presented her work as part of her senior thesis.

By Kaitlin Fahey
Staff Writer

When Maddy Fritz first considered coming to Georgetown College, her initial thought was: “There’s no way I am going to a school that doesn’t have air conditioning in the freshmen girls’ dorm!”

However, after further reflection, Maddy realized she liked the atmosphere of the small school, the surrounding cities and the proximity to her hometown of Henderson, Ky. As an art major with an emphasis in graphic design, she was also impressed with the facilities and resources in the art department.
With her December graduation approaching, Maddy hopes to find a job either with a marketing and advertising firm, as a freelancer or wherever the wind takes her.

Throughout her time at Georgetown, Maddy has remained extremely active on campus through organizations such as Alpha Gamma Delta, the President’s Ambassador Program and Residence Life. She has also been an orientation leader for this year’s group of transfer students. She expresses her excitement for the newly-established Newman Center on Georgetown’s campus, saying, “It gives the Catholic students an opportunity to bond and find similar faith-based friendships.”

Outside of campus activities, Maddy loves to spend time outdoors, especially on the water. She works as a lifeguard in Henderson during the summer, and she swam and played soccer competitively in high school, though an ACL injury prevented her from continuing sports in college. She said, “It was a blessing in disguise—I ended up where I needed to be.”

She enjoys listening to music, particularly live music. She attended Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this summer and looks forward to seeing Macklemore and Justin Timberlake in the upcoming months. She wishes she had more time to spend reading.

When asked about some of her fondest college memories, Maddy reminisces on experiences with her closest friends. “Unexpected plans usually make the best memories,” she said, recalling the time during her first finals week when she “stayed up until 3 or 4 a.m. with Kelsey Burton studying biology, eating cheesy Ramen noodles and dipping our Oreo cookies in cake frosting.”

Another memory was just earlier this semester, when her three roommates decorated her apartment with encouraging signs before her art defense. She said, “When I woke up…I was surrounded by all of their support.”

Maddy also recalls memories of the college community in general, such as competing with her sorority sisters during Greek Week and the bonfire in the Quad after last year’s men’s basketball team won the NAIA National Championship. “There was a lot of Georgetown pride and campus unity, and the energy was unforgettable,” she said.

Although her time as a student at Georgetown will be coming to an end next month, Maddy offers some advice for current underclassmen: “Always strive to find the balance – not just in college, but in life. Work hard now; it will pay off later. You are the only person responsible for yourself, so own up to your successes and your shortcomings. Your time here at Georgetown is very short compared to the rest of your life, so don’t waste your time or resources!”