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History professor Dr. Liu now published author of “Red Genesis”

By Allison Givens
Staff Writer


Source: georgetowncollege.edu. Dr. Liu received the 2013 Association of Chinese Professors of Social Sciences (ACPSS) “Best Scholarly Publication Award.”

Associate professor of Georgetown‘s history department Dr. Liu is to be a published author soon. Her research over the transformative time in the early 1900’s, “Red Genesis: The Hunan First Normal School and the Creation of Chinese Communism, 1903-1921,” has already received many great reviews from scholars across the United States.

Dr. Liu began her education at Henan University in Henan, China, where she double majored in English language and American and British literature with a minor in Japanese language. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she served as an assistant professor at Luoyang Teacher’s College where she taught English language courses, as well as the Historical Survey of America and the Historical Survey of Great Britain courses.

She taught in China until 1989 when she moved to the United States to pursue a master’s in American history, but she quickly discovered that she wanted to get her doctorate in Chinese history, which she received from Ohio State University in 2001. After receiving her Ph.D., she taught Asian civilization classes at Ohio State University until she came to Georgetown College.

Since then, she has taught a variety of classes such as Teaching Modern China and World Civilizations I-II.

She has become a beloved professor of the history department and has made several publications and won several awards since she joined the Georgetown family in 2001.

In Dr. Liu’s most recent publication, “The Red Genesis,” she looks at a period of transition in China’s school systems in the early 1900’s as well as what caused the birth of the Communist Revolution.

According to Dr. Liu’s abstract, she argues that “China’s modern schools provided a venue that nurtures and spread new ideas, including the Communist Revolution.” She examines the time of transition that influenced modern culture.

However, rather than only looking at the change, she examines the root cause, which she believes to come from the modernization of China’s schools in the early 1900’s.

Her book was published by the State University of New York (SUNY) Press. She has several other publications, but “The Red Genesis” has received many great reviews from scholars across the United States. One scholar, Xiabing Li, wrote, “This book will be welcomed by experts on Chinese politics, specialists on Asian studies, Asian historians, and those who are interested in Modern Chinese history.”

Dr. Liu’s ‘The Red Genesis’ will be useful for any person that is writing a paper over modern Chinese civilization whether they are doctorate students that are looking for inspiration for their dissertations or Georgetown students looking for a great source for research papers.