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Greene is the new orange

By Jackie Knight
Staff Writer

Dwaine_GreeneThe introduction of President Greene onto campus has been a bigger change for some than others, but there is no doubt that having a new president is a change for any college.

It has been a little while now since his arrival, but a lot of the student body still is curious about the newest member of the GC family. When asked about his first impression of Georgetown, President Greene said he found “a community of kind and caring people” who left him “impressed.”

College life is no mystery to Dr. Greene, who is coming to us from Campbell University in North Carolina. He describes a liberal arts college as “the best way to get an education… a combination of fine academic work with faith.” In his interview, President Greene beamed with pride over his new home here. “Walk across the campus and you’ll know what I mean…caring professors…a full Christian community,” he said.

Many students come to Georgetown for the smaller, cozier size; that is no secret. President Greene is on the same boat, saying bigger colleges come across as “colder learning environments.” That being said, “to say small does not mean getting smaller and smaller.” This year Georgetown College has had more visitations and applications from prospective students than in years past, and President Greene sees this as promising for the future of the school. “Anytime you see more and more students is a good thing.” If things keep going in this direction and the President’s enthusiasm for growth continues, next year we may see a lot more fresh faces on our campus.

One thing that comes to mind with any sort of change in power is what they plan to change. This can come from high hopes or deep fears. President Greene wants only to “see the college flourish by expanding programs and turning around declining enrollment.” Already he has fallen in love with Georgetown’s “high academic achievements,” as he calls them. As a graduate, vice president and current president of Christian colleges, Dr. Greene respects traditions and has no intent of uprooting GC’s. During an interview with him he came across as genuine and humble, even admitting that he had never heard of an Ale-8. He discussed traveling from North Carolina and how he enjoyed watching our volleyball team. Dr. Greene said he “enjoys all sorts of things from theater to athletics to speeches,” all of which he plans to see on campus. The president was open about his pride for our college and excitement in getting to know, not only his faculty, but every member of Georgetown College.

The one thing the president wanted to communicate, more than anything else, is how happy he and his wife are to be here at Georgetown College, home of the Tigers.

Our temporary president, Mrs. Granetta Blevins, will not put her feet up so easily. When asked about her plans going forward she said, “I will get back to work right away – my clients have been very accommodating while I served as interim president, and I have plenty of work waiting for me. However, do not be surprised if you see me on campus from time-to-time.”

Though she is leaving her president’s chair, Blevins called the time “an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience” that left her with even more admiration for the faculty, staff and administration. “Dr. Greene,” she continued, “will provide excellent leadership as we work together to ensure that Georgetown is relevant to students today and tomorrow, as it has been for many, many years.”

Dr. Greene will be speaking at SGA’s General Assembly at the Chapel this Thursday, Nov. 21 at 11 a.m.