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Construction threatens Great Crossing Trail

Staff Writer

crest-only-278x2781Georgetown’s Great Crossing Park may be familiar to some Georgetown College students, but for those who are not, it is a beautiful 4.8 acres of scenic walking path and nature trail that runs along a portion of the north fork of the Elkhorn Creek. The park itself is complete with a parking area, a boat ramp and an open picnic shelter right off of Stamping Ground road. The trail winds for several miles up to Western Elementary school. The beginning of the trail allows visitors to walk along a path with the Elkhorn winding about on their left and beautiful open fields on their right. However, the path (after a mile or so) bottlenecks into a corridor of trees. The trail then winds up to the right past an old stone fence and through a thickly wooded trail that opens up again at Western Elementary, which can be found headed directly west on U.S. 460.

Scott County natives often take their families down to Great Crossing Park to catch some down time or have a nice picnic, and it is also a very popular fishing spot. The northern fork of the Elkhorn Creek, which eventually feeds into the Kentucky River, is considered one of the best small mouth bass fisheries in this part of North America. Midway through the trail, a rope swing for those brave enough to retrieve it can launch one into the creek. It is not the safest form of fun, but fun it is indeed. Great Crossing Park is a great place to escape the intense pressures of college, to exercise or even have a romantic date if you play your cards right.

Construction along the trail, and at some places through it, poses a threat to the beauty and enjoyment of Great Crossing Park. Currently, visitors are not allowed to enter the Western Elementary entrance to the trial and it is yet to be seen how future construction will affect the trail. Great Crossing Park will likely remain for us to enjoy, but its current integrity may never be the same.