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Choir concert impresses audience

BY Hannah Krieger
A&E Editor

crest-only-278x2781On Tuesday Nov. 19 at 11 a.m., students, faculty and visitors gathered for the choir concert chapel led by Dr. Deakins. It was Deakins first time directing the choirs in a performance since his arrival this semester.

There was a great turnout, with Dr. Greene and his wife up front, getting their first look at the choirs.

Chorale sang a total of six songs with the Concert Choir singing an additional two. I was excited to see what they had prepared as I was told by a member of Chorale that they had recently changed up their sound. Right away, they had my attention with their first song. The music was up-beat and very contemporary, a fact that I quite enjoyed. The choir itself emanated a joyful sound, and they all sounded excited and looked happy to be there.

I must take a moment to really praise both choirs for the job they did. Every voice sounded excited and every face was refreshed.

I also was very pleased with the fact that I could mostly understand every word that was sung. Usually when I attend these types of concerts, the words are lost within the music, but this time everything was fairly understandable, and I was very impressed.

The second song they sang had a gospel sound to it. Landen Wilson led the song, exuded positive energy and displayed a charismatic voice. This song was one of my favorites to listen to as the music was really infectious.

Dr. Deakins brought up a marvelous point when he stated that God does not care about the music we use to praise him, but rather he just cares about our hearts. He used this principle to help diversify the sound of the choir and have different genres of songs each time. The different types of songs really helped to keep the audience’s attention because it wasn’t the same type of music repeated throughout the show.

The ladies of the concert choir came together to sing two songs during the performance. One song was “God of Wonders,” and they delivered it in an ethereal and elegant manner. The other song they sang a capella with an angelic and airy delivery. Both of these songs were delightful to listen to, and they were conveyed flawlessly.

Dr. Deakins also reminded the audience that worship isn’t about you or what you like to hear. Worship is meant to give praise to God. So even if people weren’t thrilled about how something sounded, it doesn’t matter because praise was being given to God.

“Across the Vast, Eternal Sky” was an uplifting and hopeful song. It tells the story of the phoenix, and was symbolic for Christians and being born again. The performance included piano and a string quartet. It was very enjoyable to listen to, and it built like the performers were telling a story.
The concert closed with the empowering song “Hymn to His Coming.” Nikita Taggart led the group with her strong and inspirational voice.

All in all, I really enjoyed listening to this concert. I admired the hard work that was put into it, and I appreciated the different types of music that were portrayed. It was a wonderful and worshipful experience, and next time they perform, I encourage all to attend.

Their next performance will be during the music department’s Christmas concert, where both choirs, the band and others will perform. It will be on Monday, Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. in the Chapel.