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Bronies: magical and fun-loving or just weird?

rainbow dash bronyBy Fiona McElrath
Staff Writer

Right now, you are probably thinking one of two things: “Oh hay! A ‘My Little Pony’ article!” or, “Oh, hooves! How could they print an entire article about ponies?” My answer to you: quite easily (see issue 8, back page). However, for all you hoof-haters, lovers and just plain indifferent ponies—I mean, people—here are some interesting facts about this popular pony show that gets adults, teenagers and college kids as excited and hyper as small children.

Anyone who has seen the first 30 seconds of any episode knows the themes of the show—friendship, magic and ponies. What everybody does not know is that the creative director of “Ponies” has also worked on other shows like “The Powerpuff Girls” and “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.” Spark any interest? I agree; fascinating, but why should you take any different perspective based on creators? Allow me to continue.

While some people seem to have the impression that “Ponies” is full of sexual references and innuendo, the only thing it has ever been censored for was having a mentally handicapped character. But wait, says you; lots of shows have deaf or blind characters, and they aren’t censored. Why not have a mentally handicapped pony?

Well, my dear ponies—er, people—if you encountered a pony called Derpy-do who was mentally handicapped…well, you get my drift. Despite such controversy, however, this character is extremely popular among the bronies.

Here’s one for all the geeks and nerds—the references “My Little Pony” is filled with are to things like “Star Trek,” “Star Wars,” “Doctor Who,” comic-book heroes, stand-up comedy, Sherlock Holmes, and much, much more.

It also holds many plays on place names, like Fillydelphia, Canterlot and, of course, Equestria (equus, for my amicae Latinae). Not only do the creators throw in references from their own favorite shows, but the fans’ favorites as well. It’s not often that you find a show that will take your fan-based opinion into account.

Many bronies, myself included (yes, females can be bronies too), when asked why they enjoy this show, a show “for little girls” as it were, respond with, “Because it’s awesome!” or something along those lines.

Not many will specifically think of the reasons I have just listed, and why should they? There are so many other things to love about “My Little Pony” like the characters, the message etc. Every character is unique, and develops throughout the course of the show unlike some cartoon characters.

Now, do not think that I am trying to convince you to be a brony—think what you want. Have an opinion; I know I do. My goal is simply to inform, and to correct misconceptions.