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We all need to take a walk

crest-only-278x2781By Leanndra Padgett
Copy Editor

Kentuckians do not walk enough. The car is an amazing machine, but the human feet are an even more valuable asset.

All too often, potential pedestrians opt for the automobile. Yes, the car is necessary for long journeys and helpful on rainy days. Yes, some people are physically unable to walk. For much of the population, however, there are many instances when we drive by default and do not even consider the option of walking to a destination.

Georgetown College is actually in a central location friendly to walkers. Residents can easily get to the stores, shops, restaurants and cafés downtown. Pushing the boundaries a little, GC students can reach the businesses on 25 without much trouble.

The original Mi Casita, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Scott County Public Library and, yes, even Kroger are accessible by foot. Following another route, Save-a-Lot is a grocery within walking distance, and Shell can supply any convenience store needs not met by the C-Store.

If one is willing to go just a bit farther, the shopping center containing Big Lots, K-Mart and the Dollar Tree can supply a plethora of purchasing options.

“It’s too far.” I can hear the complaints now. Is it really? With many people struggling to control their weight and improve their health, maybe a long walk on a regular basis is just what we all need.

Yes, a place like Wal-Mart is difficult to reach by foot from the college, but perhaps the question should be not, “Should I drive to Wal-Mart?” but “Should I walk somewhere closer?” I would argue that there are very few things at Wal-Mart that cannot be purchased at Kroger, Big Lots, K-Mart, the Dollar Tree or Advanced Auto – all locations within walking distance of GC.

Ok, if walking to Kroger seems like too much, start off small. Surely, many of us can walk to East Campus for football games. It always surprises me when students drive to get there. Isn’t it more of a hassle to deal with parking than to just use your own two feet?

Wherever you are, whether you’re willing to brave the highways and walk to Dairy Queen or are simply willing to walk from the Caf to the football stadium, take a walk, Georgetown.

Take a walk.