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The Green Dot comes to campus

Green dot bannerBy Cristian Nunez
Staff Writer

After a decade of work and research on violence, Dr. Dorothy J. Edwards felt as if progress against violence had come to a standstill. She delved into research, specifically research done surrounding violence against women. She soon realized that across many different disciplines there existed a multitude of theories and strategies that emphasized preventing violence at its source.

Dr. Edwards took her research and decided to apply a multidisciplinary approach the battle against violence. Touring the country, going to colleges and high schools, Dr. Edwards addressed the factors and environments in which violence is prevalent.

After learning from a few mistakes, a new and improved Green Dot prevention strategy grew out of feedback and collaboration from professionals, community members, and students. The strategy that grew out of this evolutionary idea came to emphasize the power of the common bystander.

Violence is a common phenomenon; however the Green Dot prevention strategy rejects the notion that it has to be. By adopting a social change paradigm, the Green Dot movement aims to elevate people’s consciousness about violence in its varied forms and empowering, not just one or two individuals, but anyone to take action against it.

Dr. Edwards began the Green Dot prevention program in the UK, but it has now spread across international boundaries and has even gained some significant traction here in the U.S. It has proven to be especially popular on college campuses. Green Dot has already been launched on Ky. campuses like U of L, Berea, and Transy.

On Oct. 22, Green Dot made its way to Georgetown College’s campus. In the Ward Room of the Ensor Resource and Learning Center, a Nexus event sponsored by the ladies of Sigma Kappa and Kappa Delta officially kicked off Green Dot’s arrival on Georgetown’s Campus. Heading up the kick off, Kristin Parks, from the Green Dot movement, spoke about how to take preemptive action against domestic violence.

To follow the introduction of the Green Dot movement yesterday, a launch party wil be held on Oct. 24. In the spirit of Green Dot’s multidisciplinary approach, the combined efforts of the Student Wellness Center, the Center for Civic Engagement, Dr. Price’s Trauma Class, Dr. Cribbs’s Gender class, Psychology Club, SWAGS, and Sociology Club organized the launch party.

The launch party opens the opportunity for students to learn about Green Dot and violence prevention. Students will hear from Parks, who is also the Educator for Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center and will be able to visit a number of booths with the additional bonus of NEXUS credit.

Megan Redditt, who works with victims of violence as a counselor at Georgetown College’s Wellness Center, expressed the intended outcome of Green Dot’s role on campus.

She explains, “The goal of the event and the continued mission of the Green Dot movement on Georgetown College’s campus is to empower students to make a difference in violence prevention by exposing them to the power of the bystander and giving them tools that they can immediately put into practice.”