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Student shares hopes for President Greene

crest_line_LLB_stack_colorBy Meredith Scalos
Staff Writer

It’s the moment that we’ve all been waiting for since former President Crouch announced his retirement last fall: the arrival of the new (and hopefully improved) President of Georgetown College.

That person now has a name and his name is President Greene—a humble man who hails from Campbell University in North Carolina with a sweet southern drawl and a demeanor that makes nearly everyone feel as though he would just as soon invite you to his dinner table as he would invite you to his office for a chat.

However, despite all of the credentials and good vibes that he seems to come with, the entire campus seems to be abuzz with cautious optimism about the new president of the college. And I could very well be Queen Cautious herself. As a junior and a former SGA Vice President, I have seen and experienced much of what causes the students of Georgetown to be very cagey about being excited for anything new at Georgetown.

We’ve been bludgeoned by rising tuition, lack of transparency within the administration and many other changes (both large and small) to our everyday life here at Georgetown. Therefore, our laundry list for President Greene has grown very, very long. We want a superhero president who will come in and remove all of the “bad things” and replace them with lower tuition, better residence halls and maybe even beer on tap in the Caf (or at least a relaxed alcohol policy). Unfortunately, no one has the power to do that, not even our illustrious incoming President Greene.

Instead of thrusting a series of unattainable requests upon this newcomer, perhaps we (as a Georgetown College community) should remember a few things. First and foremost, President Greene is on our team; in fact he is now our coach — a coach who will need a little bit of time to get used to the star line up that we have for him here at Georgetown.

Keeping this in mind, I do have a laundry list of my own expectations for the incoming president.

If there are three things that this college needs (and quickly I might add) it would be the following: a revamped financial plan that includes locked tuition for four years, better usage of and confidence in student-voice forums and an all around morale boost for the college.

Granted, some of these things may or may not be directly involved with the new president, but nevertheless these three things are what hang over students’ heads every day.

The biggest adversary that Georgetown College has right now is its own student body, and this is why: as of now, most students don’t feel that the institution and the administration can hear their voices. We feel like our complaints and issues go completely unheard, and that alone is what is hurting this college the most.

If President Greene could somehow mobilize the potential of this student body, Georgetown would have very few issues at all outside of our dire financial situation. This is because at a small liberal arts college like Georgetown, the student body is the only part that really, truthfully matters.

President Greene will not be a miracle worker, and none of us can expect him to be. However, he is coming to a college with mountains of potential that is begging to be released. One can only hope that he is the person who is capable of taking that job on, full steam ahead.