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Songfest brings out the hero in GC students

By Crystal Jackson
Staff Writer


Source: Collin Smith. Kappa Deltas Chelsea Brown and Amanda Bennett played Toy Story’s Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

Maybe you came to Songfest, but can’t remember which group did that cool skit with Miley. Maybe you didn’t go to Songfest, but want to know what happened. No matter your reasonings, here is your Songfest 2013 recap!

Like any other year, it was a huge success. There were funny moments, strange moments and even really weird moments. This year’s theme, “There’s a Hero in all of Us,” left a lot of room for the groups to think outside the box, and they definitely did so.

Like every other year, the dance and cheer teams opened with a great combined performance that show exactly how excited and great these girls are.

Up next were the men of Phi Kappa Tau. In years past, they’ve always made sure to be the funny group, and this year they kept that tradition and took home the Most Comical award on Friday night.


Source: Collin Smith. Sigma Kappa Mieko Smith appeared as the grandmother in their Wonka skit.

Next, the lovely ladies of Kappa Delta took the stage hoping to take home another Overall Female Group award. Their skit had the idea of Georgetown as “Toy Story” and allowed them to show Georgetown in a fun and creative way. Their dance numbers were great, their music was wonderful and the overall creativity and hard work was easy to see. Kappa Delta went on to win their fifth Overall Female award at Songfest and the award for Best Choreography. When talking about what it was like to win this award for the fifth time, senior Lindsey Colliver said, “It is so great! From day one, we all worked together as a cohesive group. There was pressure, but overall it was just a great bonding experience. I’m so proud of all of the hard work and dedication that all of us put forth.”

The men of Kappa Alpha did something a lot different than they have in the past. While there was the usually playful banter about the other men’s groups on campus, it was nothing like some of the jokes made in the past. Their skit even featured not one, but two dances, which is not something you always see from male groups during Songfest.

Sigma Kappa conducted a unique skit with a Willy Wonka base. However, despite their skit being Willy Wonka they did a fantastic job of incorporating both Georgetown and the heroes that make up this campus, helping them to win the Most Georgetown Spirit and Best Costumes award.


Source: Collin Smith. Independent Leanndra Padgett makes a Zoolander reference with the tiny Pierce 2.0.

The President’s House Association followed, with the idea of Billy Ray Cyrus coming up with “the best Songfest skit template.” While it may not have gone along with the theme much, it was a fun performance regardless.

The women of Alpha Gamma Delta choose to honor the everyday heroes that you see such as military personnel. Despite the theme, this was the first use of this idea. Alpha Gam also took home the award for Best Bench.

Anderson Hall followed, and this year’s freshmen showed just how funny and crazy they were with their Miley Cyrus themed skit. There was even a little bit of a controversy when they called out PHA on taking their skit. Regardless of any controversy, these freshmen were still able to take home the Tiger’s Choice award.

Phi Mu followed and their skit dealt with Power Rangers and Georgetown’s search for heroes (with judges Mike Brown, Jesse Farley and Tracey Tevis), ultimately deciding on not one but three; live, learn and believe. The closing dance featured the song “Roar” by Katy Perry. Phi Mu took home the award for Most Original.

Songfest  Real 2013 980

Source: Collin Smith. Junior Sarah Parker as Mike Brown in Phi Mu’s skit.

The men of Lambda Chi Alpha had a great performance, featuring heroes and villains. It was the dances, the stepping done by the villains (led by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named), and a few well-timed back flips that really won over the crowd and the judges, helping Lamb to take home the Best Overall Male award for the third year in a row. Junior Songfest Chair Zach White had nothing but good things to say about his group. He said, “I take so much pride in my brothers and the effort they put into practicing. They never cease to surprise me with what they can pull off; I have to give the credit to those guys.”

Knight Hall had a wonderful skit featuring both Wonder Woman and the Joker. It was easy to see that these girls had a lot of fun, and after all, isn’t that what it’s about? Jacki Knight said, “Songfest, though starting out a bit rocky, ended up being a great time! The sharing of ideas and talents really brought us together, and the skit ended up with more energy and laughs then I had imagined. I’m glad I had this opportunity to have fun with my fellow Knight Hall-ions.”

Pike played with the hero-villain idea, but in a different way. They were looking for a new hero, and the villains decided to attack. But there was nothing to fear as the day was saved at the last minute by Wes Smith and his guitar skills.

Source: Collin Smith.

Source: Collin Smith. Lambda Chi Alpha Dennis Propp appeared as Voldemort in their award winning skit.

Last but not least, the Independents had a mocking, fun skit. While its connection to the theme was a little hard to see, it’s obvious that their individuality is what makes them heroes. It was funny and unique, which is always good to see. The step team, Rhythm vs. Beat, closed the evening and showed everyone there just how great they were.
All in all, this year’s Songfest was an overall success despite the stress and craziness that always goes along with it.

Source: Collin Smith.

Source: Collin Smith. Junior Brad Cundiff plays “The Fox” in the Lambs’ skit.