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Some things are more important than Songfest

By Austin Fraley
Staff Writer

crest-only-278x2781This is another opinion article. What things are important to discuss? I could talk about the government shutdown, the looming potential break of the debt ceiling, the crisis in Syria (the 2 million refugees displaced because of it and the many children who are starving to death), extreme poverty in Africa, the recent change in Caf hours which will force over a hundred students to forage for food anywhere they can, the currently low enrollment of the college, the apparently eternal renovation of the chapel and the bricks being ripped out of the ground at the entrance of south campus for some unknown reason.

I could talk about how the new president will do, the pros and cons of Greek life (as well as the pros and cons of being an independent), or the ghastly amount of homework that professors have assigned over a break.

I could also write about the rotten fruit I always find on the ground between the PHA and Phi Mu house (and the mouths who don’t get any food because we waste it for no reason at all), or the general lack of parking on campus, the wonderful (I’m not being sarcastic here) job our professors do at teaching us and caring about us even to the point of talking to us outside of class, whenever we want. (Seriously, I’m not joking. Thank a professor. Go on. Do it. They deserve it).

Not to mention, the campus safety officers who seem to be gaining and losing new members every week (is somebody eating them? Where are they going?), or the vacant Pierce and Collier Halls sitting with nothing being done about them. I could write about the fun of Grubfest (and what looks like the beginning of a garden it left behind on the quad), the awesome (and sometimes awful) food of the caf, and all the men and women who work in the caf who always go out of their way to try to make that place better by talking to us and by cleaning and serving us (seriously, I’m not joking. Thank a caf worker. Go on. Do it. They too deserve it).

I could ask about the role of religion and its subsequent changes on campus, the increasing Muslim population in France and the conflicts that have come because of it, how valid run-on sentences are in newspaper articles (seriously, I don’t even know if they’ll let me print this. English majors, psh!: smh — shaking my head).

I could write about friendships with people that love and respect us even though sometimes we argue (Seriously, I’m not joking. Thank a friend. Go on. Do it. They deserve it.), how to deal with problems in life (whether it’s grades, family, friends, significant others), or how to deal with problems in the world (global crises or convincing a person that individuals can indeed make a difference).

I could write about all of these things, but what people insistently talk to me about is Songfest. So, here is what I have to say about songfest: Stop talking about it so much. It’s fun, but it’s not important.