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Senior Spotlight: Evan Jacoby


Source: facebook.com. “The reward is not the result of college, it’s the journey you take getting there.” – Evan Jacoby

By Anna Meurer
Copy Editor

When it comes to Georgetown, Evan Jacoby is a man of many colors. The Lexington native says he chose Georgetown for the small school environment and athletic opportunities. He was on the football team his freshman and sophomore years as an offensive lineman but eventually decided to focus on schoolwork instead.

A Chemistry major, Biology minor, Evan is also a member of GC PALS, STEMM Fellow, and a Chemistry tutor. He says his favorite class was organic chemistry because, “Although the material was difficult, I enjoyed it because it was something completely new and abstract compared to general chemistry. Furthermore, that class was filled with amazing people, several of which are some of my closest friends on campus.” Interested in pursuing a medical degree since high school, Evan just finished applying to med school and is awaiting acceptances and interview requests. Though he’s not sure what type of medicine he’d like to practice yet, his goal is “to serve underprivileged communities around the world by providing for their healthcare needs.”

Outside of the classroom, it’s hard to keep track of him. A large part of his time is dedicated to his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, of which he serves as Vice President as well as the RD of their hall. In his free time, Evan also enjoys playing video games, working out, and dancing in addition to WWE Wrestling. Last year, he was awarded the prestigious “Phi Guy” title by the Phi Mu sorority.

Friends describe him as compassionate, a devoted Christian, funny, and possessing a sarcastic sense of humor. Jon Balmer, a former housemate, says “Evan was the only reason we ever had women over at our house.” Adds Collin Smith, “Evan Jacoby is the man you want to marry.”
Reflecting back on his time at GC, Evan says, “While I don’t have any specific ‘favorite’ memories to point to, I can say that time spent with friends is what I will cherish the most. That includes random karaoke sessions in the shower, late night “How I Met Your Mother” marathons, and, of course, Hongs trips.”

His advice for new and returning students? “Finally, my advice for returning students. Cherish the process behind the college experience. I don’t remember what I scored on all my tests, but I remember the hours spent with friends studying for them. Likewise, I don’t remember who won songfest last year, but I do remember spending time in the cafeteria as we awaited our turn and laughs enjoyed while preparing our skit. The reward is not the result of college, it’s the journey you take getting there.”