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Ready or not, here I come!

By Cristian Nunez
Staff Writer


Source: franthony.com. Hide-and-seek is for everybody.

Remember that game that you and your friends used to play in your early adolescence? The one where the friend that was usually picked on always got stuck covering their eyes, counting to ten (usually thirty seconds) and then forced to look for malicious friends.

Hide-and-go-seek should be ringing a bell for most people, but if you somehow never had the chance to play it, it is quite a simple game. Two people at the very least are required for hide and seek but, of course, the more, the merrier. One individual is chosen at random to be “it.” The person who is “it” then must count to an allotted amount of time, thus allowing the rest of the players to find a hiding spot within a designated area. Once the person who is “it” has finished counting, they seek out the players in hiding, The last player to be found is the winner, the first to be found is “it.”
Yes, I just took a whole paragraph to explain a simple child’s game to the Georgetonian reader, but if I were the reader I would be careful to take hide-and-go-seek a little more seriously!

Believe it or not, hide-and-seek is considered—in certain settings—more than a mere child’s game. Adult hide-and-seek leagues have sprouted up in west coast cities like San Francisco and Portland.

However, proponents of hide-and-seek, like Japanese professor Yasuo Hazaki, believe that it should make a debut as a professional sport in the 2020 Olympics. Coincidentally, Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics. Hazaki, head of the hide-and-seek promotion committee in Japan, makes the very good point that the game, instead of relying on awesome strength, agility and flexibility, relies on guile and wits.

Hide-and-seek is anyone’s game! It is an all-inclusive, cross-cultural game! Many versions are already played all over the world. In Hazaki’s words, “I would like hide-and-seek to be one of the exhibition sports in 2020 and then it could become an official event at subsequent Olympics…I want to encourage sport for all, meaning that anyone can take part, regardless of age, gender or ability.” Who knows? We may be watching some high-flying hide-and-seek action in this 2020 Summer Olympics!