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Noh performers come back to Georgetown


Source: marenell.blogspot.com. Noh actors will be sharing their cultural performance with the Georgetown community on Thursday.

By Hannah Krieger
A&E Editor

On Thursday, Oct. 24, the Noh performers will come back to grace the stage at Georgetown College. The Noh production is led by Asana Atsuyoshi who performs with his Japanese students. Noh is an event that exhibits Japanese heritage in a unique and tangible way.

Even though the show can run for several hours, Eric Balmer, sophomore, claims that “It challenges the Western way of thinking.”

Senior Racquel Ryan claims the production was “hauntingly beautiful because the audience shared a connection with the performers on stage. For having so many people in the auditorium, it was surprisingly silent because everyone was enraptured with the performance. We would experience the pain and anger the characters were expressing. You forgot they were actors, you really thought they were the characters. It was really fun!”

The performance will be held in the chapel at 7 p.m. NEXUS credit will also be given to those who attend. Students should take advantage of this cultural experince and enjoy this artistic and exciting event.