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Hong’s is a Georgetown tradition


Source: Alex Courtenay. Donut Express can be found at 100 Mary Lynn Drive in Georgetown.

By Alex Courtenay
Staff Writer

What’s better than biting into a sweet and warm doughnut at 2:00 in the morning? Nothing, that’s what! Hong’s is a family owned business that makes, arguably, the best doughnuts in Georgetown.

If you haven’t been to Hong’s, then you need to go as soon as possible. It is a Georgetown College tradition, and, honestly, it is not hard to find someone who is willing to go. Junior Austin Fraley said, “I’m there every night but sometimes I’m invisible.” Hong’s gives you the opportunity to meet wonderful and unique people, like Austin, and bond over doughnuts.

Hong’s has many different kinds of doughnuts. You could say they have a doughnut for everyone. Aimee Davis, #bestRDever, said, “Hong’s by far has the best blueberry cake doughnuts and is owned by some of the kindest people!” Hong’s has glaze, chocolate glaze, maple glaze, chocolate cake, blueberry cake, apple fritter, chocolate sprinkle, crumb glaze, the ever popular glazed donut holes… and that is only naming a few. Scooter enthusiast, Jacob Townson, said, “Dem doughnut holes.”

So next time you need to pull an all-nighter to write a paper or study for a test, then take a quick break and go to Hong’s. It is a great goal and reason to stay up and work.

I honestly believe Hong’s helps in studying and writing… or gives a sugar rush. Either way, the doughnuts are delicious and everyone should experience Hong’s at least once during their Georgetown College experience. Hannah Kennedy, an amateur doughnut specialist, confirmed that Hong’s doughnuts are, “freakin’ fantastic! Where else are you going to get doughnuts at 2:00 a.m.?