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Fall weather brings new ways to have fun


Source: energyburrito.com. Fall weather means fun times with friends.

By Fiona McElrath
Staff Writer

Leaves are red, leaves are green, leaves are yellow…..what does this mean?

Fall! In case you haven’t been tipped off by the cold winds, changing weather and leaves all over campus, fall has indeed arrived. Why is this significant, you ask? Why can’t we just let it slide by into winter and then spring and then summer, when it will be warm again and we all have fun with nothing to do? Well, I am here to answer just that very question! First, it may be pertinent to remind you all that despite popular opinion, fall is a very lovely season. Leaves change, people don their scarves, leaves fall, sweaters emerge, more leaves fall, leggings seem like a good idea, more leaves—you get my drift. There are many, many leaves all over campus, as I have said before, and it has been pointed out that we could have a sweet leaf pile if they were all gathered up. The only missing element is a rake. If you acquire one, don’t wait—the mowers might turn your ‘fun’ into ‘mulch.’

Another sweet activity that has been mentioned is peanut butter fudge. It is simple enough to make and delicious to munch on if you are partial to peanuts. Also, if you happen to make too much and don’t feel like eating it all yourself (gasp-of-horror) there is an easy solution; give it to your friends. All of the friends! I’m sure they would appreciate you all the better for it.

Speaking of making things, I hear Evens Orchard has many lovely apples this time of year. If you find yourself with a stubbornly healthy friend who won’t eat your fudge, well, go get some of Evans apples and make them some applesauce. Or, if you don’t feel like gifting people with food, why not take them to the food? Pile into a vehicle and go pumpkining at Evan’s orchard, keeping warm with apple cider, also from said orchard. If you have no friends who will willingly drive, or if your friends are being bogged down by any number of school responsibilities, just find a friend or two and go on a leaf-looking walk as a study break.

Take a lesson from the squirrels: when life gives you nuts, play hide and seek; who needs to hibernate? There are so many fun things to do like Frisbee and tag and trips to tent girl.

When you can’t choose one, do them all; don’t miss out on this colorful fall.