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Equine week is underway


Source: facebook.com. Kellie McMurry and horse, Charlie.

By Anna Meurer
Copy Editor

You may have noticed an abundance of equine related objects on campus this week, from posters to real horses in the rec field. Get excited; it’s Equine Week! Sponsored by the Equine Scholars Program, the week is designed to introduce Georgetown to horses and the program.

The idea for Equine Week originated last year when several scholars noted that while the Equine Scholars Program was nationally known, very few students on campus knew much about it and some didn’t know that it existed at all.

Director Chelsey Reid said, “Equine Week is designed to share with campus the things that scholars are regularly exposed to and provide students the opportunity to connect with a horse, especially since they are attending school in the middle of the horse capital of the world.”

The best part of the event, according to Reid, is that it is largely scholar-driven in ideas, volunteer effort, and promotion. “I’m really proud of them,” Reid said.

Equine Week kicked off Monday with scholars passing out candy with fun equine facts outside of the Caf and meeting President Greene. Yesterday, the scholars brought horses to campus for “Pet a Horse Day,” which took place between Pawling and the Chapel.

The event was well attended, and few people proved able to resist petting Charlie and Ransom. Reid said, “I think it’s going really well. We had so many students come up and say that they’d never petted a horse, and they really seemed to enjoy the experience.”

Equine Week continues today from 4-6 p.m. in the Jones Hall Nelson Suite with an introduction to equine sports, which also happens to be a NEXUS event. Thursday sees horses return to campus as current scholar Caroline Adams and alumnae Hayley Barbato give dressage and jumping riding demonstrations in the rec field.

The week wraps up Friday with scholars wearing their gear. Photos from past events can be found on the program’s Facebook page, “Georgetown College Equine Scholars Program.”