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Competition can ruin the fun

By Collin Smith
Photo Editor

PHA 1990

Though the times have changed the spirit stays the same. The President’s House Association in 1990 performed their version of “Lean on Me” during a past Songfest earning them first place.

I’ll be completely honest: Georgetown was my last choice of schools to go to. I decided I hated everything to do with Georgetown College. Knight Hall was terrible. It was in the middle of nowhere and, quite honestly, I was homesick. Then Homecoming happened.

Let’s begin with Songfest. Yes, the Songfest skits do all they can to point out the flaws of campus life, but it is in the spirit of a shared Georgetown experience. When alumni come to see Songfest on Friday night, they relate just as much to our skits as we do. One of my mom’s friends can relate to me because in her Georgetown experience, she also had Songfest.

Although, back in the day it was “Homecoming Extravaganza!” Homecoming Extravaganza had no awards or prizes, and various organizations (Greek or otherwise) came together to put on a show about Georgetown. It was all just for fun.

One of my personal favorite parts of Homecoming Week is the bench paintings. My first year participating in Homecoming Week included an interactive bench judging. We’d spent all week painting the bench. Then when the judges came around, we put on a skit for them. Scoring was based on bench design but also included points for skits and participation. Every single bench was painted, and it brought a sense of life to Georgetown’s campus.

One of the traditions that has fallen to the wayside is the canned food drive that once went along with Homecoming Week. This allowed us to be reminded that Homecoming is about more than just who wins Songfest or who Homecoming King or Queen is. Homecoming is about Georgetown College coming together to make our community a better place. While we are running around making ourselves sick about Songfest, there are people in our community that have baser worries.

Homecoming is one of the few times of the year that we appreciate Georgetown College for what it is, and Homecoming Week completely changed the perspective in which I saw Georgetown.

There were activities all throughout the week. People were outside painting the benches, everyone was exhausted from midterms and Songfest rehearsals, but it brought us all together.

We came together to enjoy something bigger than our daily routine, and it was fun. Forget about the competition, and let’s make Homecoming Week fun again.