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Comedy Caravan sparks laughter and participation

By Liz Duccilli
Staff Writer


Source: google.com.

On Wednesday, I decided to go to the Comedy Caravan in the Grille. After having enjoyed myself the last time this event took place, I went in with high expectations and couldn’t wait to see what the comedians had in store for us.

The three comedians that performed were Kent Carney, Brad Lanning and Rich Ragains. Carney started off the show as the emcee and told a wide range of jokes, from the benefits of teaching Spiderman comics instead of Greek mythology in schools to watching “Doctor Who,” the Asian man who lives across the street from him. Lanning was the middle comedian and mostly told stories about his family and home life. Ragains, the headliner, questioned the audience about their likes and dislikes and also told a wide range of stories. His most memorable story, in my opinion, was his miserable day as an Easter bunny mascot and how he incurred the wrath of the mascot for a local chicken restaurant with a bird of his own (if you get my drift) during the drive home.

While the comedians did tell some good stories and made us laugh when they kept stepping on and accidentally breaking the Christmas lights onstage, the show wasn’t quite as hilarious as I had expected it to be. Most of the comedians didn’t seem to have fully prepared their routines and were relying too much on the reactions of the audience. There were a lot of awkward pauses when we didn’t laugh at certain things, and it took them a while to get the ball rolling again. Had they spent a little more time finalizing their routines and having more backup jokes planned, things might have gone a little more smoothly.

What the comedians lacked in preparation, they made up for with audience participation. One student added “that’s what she said” to the end of one of Lanning’s jokes, which helped it get a better reaction. Ragains made a good connection with some of the students in the audience and used some of their answers to his questions in his routine. Lanning and Ragains also made a habit of taking the order numbers the Grille workers called out and used them as scores to rate their jokes. After the show, some students came up to the mike and shared funny stories or jokes of their own.

Overall, I did enjoy most of the Comedy Caravan, and I’ll be sure to go to the next one soon.