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Comedians come to Grille for an evening of hilarious entertainment


Source: Joel Reihmer. Dale Jones gave a hilarious and interactive performance at the Grille last week.

By Joel Reihmer
Contributing Writer

Last Wednesday, two amazing comedians graced the elevated platform–turned–stage for the night at the Grille. When the Grille lights were turned off, the only lights were the ones on the stage and the hanging lights behind the comedians, which left an aura that was almost that of a comedy club. As the emcee took the stage, he warmed up the crowd of roughly 90 people and performed for around 10 minutes before he introduced the first comedian of the night.

The first of the two comedians was Jacob Williams. Williams is known for his semi-finalist performance on “America’s Got Talent,” and he is also a member on Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘N Out.” Williams is a new–comer to comedy, and his style is known for being awkward and ironic. Williams came out in rare form on Wednesday with some amazing new jokes as well as some old ones. There were moments when the jokes took a rare turn from awkward to just sad, but for more than 95 percent of the performance, the audience was laughing and really got into his jokes.

The second and main act of the evening was Dale Jones. Dale Jones is a seasoned performer who has been performing for over 20 years professionally. He came out very fast paced and did not slow down for the next 40 minutes. Jones has been on many television shows and is most recognized for his semi-finalist run on “Last Comic Standing.” Jones never stopped talking, and at some points he would just randomly say things that had nothing to do with the performance to keep the audience on their toes. Dale Jones is usually compared to Jim Carrey because of his top notch humor and similar personality.

There is really nothing negative to say about Jones’s performance. He poked a little bit at the audience, but not so much that it seemed like a roast. He always had a joke to follow anything; if he would trip, there was joke. If someone was texting, Jones had a joke for that. Jones was in top form, and the crowd that was in the audience really got a treat.

The mix between a high intensity comic and a low intensity comic worked very well. The audience was able to see an amazing performance and the comedians had an amazing time in the environment at the Grille. If you missed this amazing performance, don’t miss the last comedy show on Nov. 6 where another amazing comedian will grace the stage at the Grille.