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Calvin Johnson is Megatron

megatron 2

Source: freep.com. Johnson left fans in awe by his performance.

By Tyler Phillips
Sports Writer

This week’s NFL competition was marked by a slew of record—breaking performances. During a hard-fought victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrell Pryor broke the NFL record for the longest rush by a quarterback with a jolt of 93 yards.

Despite later losing the game, Cordarrelle Patterson of the Minnesota Vikings tied the record for the longest kick return after scrambling for a 12-second, 109-yard score.

In another impressive display, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton tied the Cincinnati record for the most touchdown passes in a game after slinging five into the end zone. Still, the most awe inspiring performance of the day was not a record-breaking effort—although it came close.
Calvin Johnson is no stranger to lighting up score boards with breath-taking accumulations of yards receiving. The Detroit Lions receiver, affectionately nicknamed “Megatron” to reflect his intimidating 6 foot 5 stature, has effectively made his case to be deemed the league’s best wide receiver after 6.5 seasons and nearly 9,000 yards. Still, despite his looming reputation, any performance gathering 14 receptions for a total of 329 yards warrants a double take from even the most weathered of NFL fans.

Yes, that figure is correct; this week, Calvin Johnson stunned the nation after catching for more than 300 yards in a single game. Despite falling seven yards short of the record set by Flipper Anderson in 1989, this week’s effort from Johnson stands on its own as a total seldom witnessed in NFL play.
In fact, only four other players have ever broken the 300-mark since the inception of the league. Furthermore, it is important to note that the entire Lions’ passing game only accumulated 488 yards on the day. In other words, only 157 of the yards the Lions gained through the air weren’t received by Megatron.

After an impressive last drive and a few key receptions by the receiver, the Lions were able to edge out the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 31-30. With the final score so close, the significance of Johnson’s game play cannot be overstated. Secondaries beware; Megatron shows no signs of slowing down.
Or if you prefer the shorter version:

This week, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson enjoyed another Sunday of defying every physical law known to mankind. Steroids? Maybe. Raw human talent? More likely. The threat to end all passing defense? Without a doubt.